Mitre Peak Climb in the Fjordland National Park, New Zealand

Mitre Peak, New Zealand

Mitre Peak is an iconic New Zealand landmark. It is an icon of the country’s tourism – the most prominent peak that can be seen from famous Milford Sound. The peak lies on the South Island, within the heart of the stunning Fjordland National Park. The Mitre Peak climb is on the bucket list of many adventurous travelers and thrill-seekers.

Mitre Peak on the map and its reviews:

First of all, it is important to note that a guided ascent here requires good fitness levels. Arm chair adventurers should beware. Those attempting the climb should have at least the basic necessities of rock climbing down pat, have a good head for heights, and be comfortable moving around on steep and exposed terrain. The ascent is varied, with steep snow tussock, rock climbing, traverses of knife-edge ridges, massive exposure and – yes – absolutely incredible, awe-inspiring views.

Mitre Peak Climb in the Fjordland National Park

Though it is so well known, only a relatively small number of climbers actually make the ascent each summer. Most visitors (tens of thousands in total) simply enjoy the peak from the peaceful, beautiful Milford Sound, on a boat ride, cruise or kayaking adventure. If you do not have a good head for heights then this is definitely a better option for you.

Climbing tips

If you do decide that you would like to undertake the Mitre Peak climb, and ascend to the summit at 1,692m (5,551 ft) above sea level, then this is not something that you can decide to do on a whim. This is an adventure that will take some planning. It will usually be necessary to sign up with a crew or guide company. They will be able to help you plan the adventure and make sure that all the logistics are in place.

* There are several challenges to overcome as you begin the climb. The first is the access. You cannot simply rock up at the base of the peak – you will have to arrange for kayak hire or a local water taxi from Milford Sound Wharf to take you to the other side of the sound.

* The second challenge is the thick bush that you will have to track through as you begin the ascent. It is easy to stray off the trail and tiring to push through, especially as you begin to gain elevation.

* Another significant challenge that this climb poses is the lack of water. Since you will be climbing a ridge line all the way, bear in mind that you will have to port your water with you. You know the phrase ‘water water everywhere but not a drop to drink?’. Well, this can be true here, where high rainfall should be expected. Milford Sound sees a staggering 7m of rainfall each year!

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This is most definitely not an adventure that should be undertaken lightly. But if you are experienced enough and brave enough to make the climb – the views are truly a wonderful reward – some of the best that New Zealand has to offer.

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