Meganisi, Greece – Another Beautiful Greek Island in the Ionian Sea

Meganissi, Greece

Meganisi, Greece is a small island in a group of islands known as the Greek islands. It is considered to be a paradise, with green, crystal clear waters. The people are very friendly and live peacefully in the gorgeous setting. It is the perfect location for a relaxing holiday with your family or just with your significant other.

There are three main villages on the island, Vathy, Spartochori and Katomeri. They are all very beautiful, relaxing and peaceful.

Vathy is situated on the northeast coast of the island. It has one harbor with excellent waters. Therefore, people enjoy safely fishing and sailing. The village is nice with houses, alleys and churches facing the sea.

Spartochori is a gorgeous village located north of Meganisi. It consists of cottages and preserved taverns. It is an ideal location for trekking because of its lush forests. You can climb up the hill and see a stunning view of the sea.

Katomeri is the capital of the island and has fewer than 500 citizens. The people are very friendly, and the stone-built cottages are lovely. It is relaxing and tranquil, untouched by the modern world.

One of the fascinating things to see on the island is the beautiful caves, including Papanikolis, which got its name after a submarine protected during World War II. The best way to travel to the cave is by a boat cruise. The utter size of the cave is breath-taking, as the submarine was believed to be tucked inside the cave. You can see can see the stunning blue and gold colors on the sides and roof of the cave. It is an exciting trek.

Meganisi on the map:

The beaches are spectacular. One of the most visited beaches of Meganisi is Fanari, which is known for its striking scenery and crystal waters. The beach has lush trees everywhere, and it is very isolated, so you will enjoy complete peace while on the beach.

Another spectacular beach is Agios Ioannis. This is off the western coast of the island, and the coastline is narrow but long. The scenery will amaze you. The beach is not very organized, so you need to bring proper supplies with you. You can reach the beach by a dirt road or by boat.

Megalo Limonari is another spectacular beach. You can reach it by foot or on motorbike from Katomeri. You can bask on the white, sandy beaches or swim in the clear waters. It is not crowded, so you can enjoy a quiet, calm day on the beach.

Meganisi does not have an airport, so the nearest airport is located in Aktion, which receives flights from Athens. Ferries also run regularly into the port of Meganissi. You can travel to Meganissi by boat from Nydri village. The ride takes around 20 minutes.

One of the main hotels on the island is Esperides Resort, which offers luxury rooms and spectacular views. It is located in close proximity to the port of Vathi and close to the village of Spartochori. Therefore, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility while being near civilization. While staying in the hotel, you will see awe-inspiring views of the Ionian Sea.

There are also many villas on the island for you to stay. The villas in Katomeri, Meganisi include Emmy Nancy and Olvos and Terpsis. They consist of a swimming for where you can relax and stunning views of the sea.

In Spartochori, there are the villas of Meganisi and Spartovillage. These villas also offer deluxe accommodations while offering incredible views of the sea.

The weather in Meganisi consists of long, warm summers and mild winters. During the summer months, the temperatures can get very high, but a breeze in the evening brings down the temperature a little. June and September are a little cooler. Winter can get pretty cold on the island. However, it does not snow very often. Late autumn and early spring are the best times for rains, which normally last for a couple of hours.

Travelling to Meganisi will give you a holiday filled with the tranquility and calmness that you need. You can enjoy life away from the worries of the rest of the world, and it will be a holiday to remember.

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