Manana Ridge Trail (Ko’olau Mountain Range, Oahu Island, Hawaii)

Manana Ridge Trail, Oahu Island

This popular ridge hike on the Hawaiian island of Oahu will take you deep into the Ko’olau Mountain Range, close to Pearl City. The trail is 10.9km in length, and there are also opportunities to extend the hike by continuing on the Ko’olau Summit Trail. The trail is open all year round, though it is considered to be a moderately challenging route and can be very muddy and treacherous after heavy rain, especially if you take the side trip to the waterfall, and continue all the way to the summit.

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Why Hike Manana Ridge Trail?

This hike is one of the most rewarding on the island for its vistas. From the ridge you can enjoy stunning views over almost the entire island. From the summit of Ko’olau you can see both sides of Oahu and feel a definite sense of satisfaction for having undertaken the long hike.

A Description of Manana Ridge Trail

The long and gradual ascent can be tough in places but will definitely get your heart pumping in steeper sections. Along the route you can enjoy some beautiful wildflowers during the season, and plenty of lush foliage. Though it is recommended that you wear long trousers for the hike, as the foliage is overgrown further along the trail and can cut up your legs if you are not careful.

Manana Ridge Trail on the map and its reviews:

* Muddy sections, especially after rain, mean that this is definitely not a hike you can take in sandals or flip flops. You should make sure that you have some good boots, with treads that will stop you from slipping around too much.

* Along the trail, you will have the opportunity to take a turn to head for the Waimano Waterfall and Pools, a beautiful spot with waterfall and pools that is around 1.2 km or so off the ridge trail. This is a wonderful place for a swim, but since it is popular, you should not expect to have it to yourself.

* Steep sections further along the trail have ropes which will help you to pull yourself up, though you should wear suitable clothes and expect to get a bit muddy as you ascend and descend. If you would rather not attempt to reach the summit, a false summit around two hours along the trail provides excellent views and could be a point to turn around if you only want a shorter hike.

* Continue on and you can traverse the narrowest section of ridge and make your way to the end of the trail before turning back and returning the way you came.

One of the good things about this trail is that there are a number of opportunities. You could take a shorter easier hike, a moderate hike, and a more challenging one, depending on how far along the trail you decide to continue. So you do as much or as little of the walk as is right for you.

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