Makadi Bay Resort Town, Egypt for Family Vacations

Camel in Makadi Bay, Egypt

About 25 kilometres to the south of Hurghada, Egypt lies a resort town of Makadi Bay beach. This natural bay makes a perfect setting for a family holiday with it’s white sandy beaches and stunning clear waters of the Red Sea, it’s well protected making it safe not just for bathing, but also for scuba diving, and other interesting water based activities.

One of the main things this area of Egypt is well known for is its wonderful reefs full of fascinating fish and sea creatures. Scuba diving and snorkelling are both very popular here, with many centres offering courses, tuition and equipment at excellent rates, and because the bay is nicely sheltered, it makes an ideal spot for anyone who wishes to learn. Even if you don’t fancy learning to dive, or if you have young children with you who are perhaps a little young to learn, there are still other ways of enjoying the fabulous marine life locally. Glass bottom boats are available to take you out over the reefs where you’ll be able to enjoy seeing the wonderful colours of the underwater world while keeping your feet nice and dry.

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If you’re here with your family and want to try out some other sporting activities, there are plenty of other things available on the beach, from windsurfing to waterskiing, sailing, kayaking and pedalos and then on land you’ll find tennis, volleyball, and mini golf all available too. Head inland a bit and you could try your hand at horse riding, or even camel riding, and taking a quad bike out into the desert is a popular pastime.

Makadi has a local centre which is home to some interesting boutiques and bazaars, and although in some you will find fixed prices its well to be ready to haggle as many don’t fix their prices and haggling is an experience everyone should try at least once. There’s no better way to feel you’ve got yourself a bargain! Traditional items you may want to look for as souvenirs are things like perfumes, oils, and Shishah hubby bubbly pipes. You’ll find some modern brands here, but if you want big brand names the Senzo mall about 15km away is well known for selling popular brands such as Nike and others.

In the evenings there are a number of bars, restaurants and discos locally that visitors can enjoy here, and open air dining is quite common here.

An evening excursion worth taking if you can is to head out into the deserts away from the lights of the town and look up to enjoy the peaceful stars above you. Makadi Bay is a high quality location which offers excellent value for money as well as almost guaranteed sunshine and a friendly atmosphere with luxury accommodation and superb opportunities to relax and enjoy yourself.

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