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For most able people, enriching and soul filling experiences such as reconnecting with loved ones, enjoying art, exploring, relaxing, learning or recovering from surgery simply requires clearing ones schedule and clicking the desired destination. However, for millions of people experiencing mental or physical disability and frailty, the enjoyment of such earthy pleasures is a far more complex.

Often, the lack of support discourages people from travel – after all, it is not so easy to find a qualified English-speaking nurse in Italy, Portugal or Spain to help you navigate local medical services, accompany you the opera while monitoring your health requirements and advice you on what dietary choice would best suit you. Or for example, get help in the Caribbean with European trained nurses to ensure you can have a good local supply of medicine and ensure local doctors are aware of your condition.

Seniors travelingHappiness and wellness is not just about good medication and good care. It is about living life to its fullest and experiencing moments of extreme beauty. It is about walking through Venetian streets, eating fresh catch by the sea and exchanging a few life stories with the locals in Costa del Sol. It is about getting lost, finding an ancient path and on the way back, maybe even yourself.

Lontaine enables it customers to experience the extreme beauty of romantic and elegant surroundings previously out of reach due to physical or mental restrictions. Support services in offer range from Geriatrics, Post surgery care, Cognitive Care, ADL Support, Rehabilitation and Medicine administration and in addition, customers can expect all the high-end services from five start residences in some of the most exotic and decadent locations in the world.

Founder and CEO, Uzoma Udeh has lived many lives in many worlds. Born and raised in Mexico, emigrated to Australia to study, moved to China to manage a global business. Met his wife in Spain and saw his daughter born in Italy, Uzoma has experienced the true freedom and beauty of this world . Now, living in the Netherlands, he founded Lontaine, a way to contribute to the world; a tool and service to bring glamour and style to those whose lives are defined by limitation and the constant reminder of their disabilities.

How does it work?

Assessing needs

Lontaine’s nurses will conduct an assessment and together with customers come up with a care plan that best suits their needs. Lontaine will then coordinate all medical services from home to the destination and throughout the stay. Family and friends are kept informed about customers’ progress and will facilitate communication with physicians at home.

Select lifestyle goals

Lontaine want to understand the lifestyle goals of it customers. Therefore the assessment also involved getting a sense of peoples wishes. For some, exploration, recovery and relaxation is a priority, for others learning and working could be the main goal of their trip. Lontaine wants to understand any specific activities being attending the opera in Verona, visiting ancient sites in Sicily, have an unforgettable meal in Lagos, witness and relieve renaissance art, get some exercise, learn a new language or even take care of finances.

Forget about limitations

Finally, Lontaine’s ultimate goal is to allow our customers to have their limitations become part of the background, rather than the limiting factor in their lives.

“Curiosity, exploration and romance do not stop when we get older… our minds are young, our spirits free and our hearts full of adventure”

Uzoma Udeh

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