Kids Fly Free with Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines plane in the air

Frontier has one of the cheapest air tickets but now, it’s not only cheap but free for your kids under 15! Of course, as any other promotions, this one has it’s own rules that you have to read carefully before you start booking a flight.

First thing to know:

To be able to book free flights for kids you have to be a member of DISCOUNT DEN℠ Club. The price of the membership is 59.99 per year ( please note, that the price may change, check the article publishing date). Membership has more benefits than just free tickets for kids. Check all the info here.

What are the main conditions?

  • Not every flight is free. You have to find a date that is qualified. How to find qualified flights? When you do a search on Frontier official website, look for Discount Den price and there should be Kids Fly Free logo.
  • One kid 14 years or younger flies free with one adult. For example, if you have 2 adults and 3 kids, only 2 kids will fly free.
  • The promotion is valid for kids under 14 on the first day of your travel.
  • The booking should be made on their official website

Important! Read all the terms and conditions here

Frontier Airlines LogoWhat about the dates?

You know, it takes a lot of time sometimes to find promotional dates. Not in this case! On Frontier’s official website you can see the dates, when kids can fly for free. I will not publish them here as they are subject to change.

If you had a chance to use this program, leave your experience in comments, it will help others!

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