Jamaica Beaches – Popular Locations and Safety Information

Jamaica beach

The gorgeous white sand beaches are part of what makes Jamaica such a wonderful place to vacation. There are beaches all over Jamaica, and you will most likely want to visit more than one of them.

If you are staying in the Kingston Area, you should definitely hit Lime Cay. This is actually a small island, and you will need a boat to get to and from it. In Ocho Rios, you will find Turtle Beach and Mallard Beach. These are popular beaches, with numerous hotels that will put you right on the water, with spectacular views. While in Ocho Rios, also be sure to visit the James Bond Beach and Dunn’s River Beach. www.travelrows.com

In Montego Bay, visit Cornwall Beach, Walter Fletcher Beach, MoBay’s, and Doctor’s Cove Beach. Note that many of the beaches in Jamaica are ‘topless,’ so if you will have children, or if you are easily offended by public nudity, you may want to stick to Cornwall and Walter Fletcher.

In Port Antonio, you will enjoy Boston Bay Beach. This is a beach that is overlooked by many, so the crowds will be smaller. You should also visit Frenchman’s Bay, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Blue Lagoon Beach. In Negril, Seven Mile Beach offers nude sunbathing.

Of course, there are far more beaches than these. In the East, there is Boston Bay, Crusoe’s Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Frenchmen’s Cove Beach, Hellshire Beach, Naggo Head, Navy Island, and San San Beach.

In the west you will find Cornwell Beach, Cornwall Beach, Doctor’s Cove, Seven Mile Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach. In the North, Cardiff Hall Public Beach, Dunn’s River Beach, and Salem Paradise Beach.

In the northeast, enjoy Grande Beach, James Bond Beach, Mallards Beach, and Turtle Beach. In the southeast, visit Fort Clarence and Gunboat Beach. In the northwest you will find Lime Clay and Rose Hall Beach Club.

* Resorts commonly have private beach area, where their guests can enjoy the sand and the surf without paying an admission. Those who are not guests must pay admission fees. Admission fees are also commonly charged for beaches that are not associated with any of the hotels or resorts.

* Many of the beaches have snack vendors nearby or right on the beach. You will also find rentals for various types of water equipment at most beaches, as well as shower areas and restrooms. At resort beaches, wait staff is available, and beach furniture is abundant, including umbrellas.

Safety Information

As at any other beach in the world, there are dangers when visiting Jamaican beaches. You must be aware of very strong undertows and currents. This is especially true on the eastern and southern coasts. Long Bay is considered to be very dangerous. Never swim alone, and make sure that you inquire about current conditions before getting in the water.

Other dangers come from sea life. Sea Urchins are a problem, and they tend to gather on the bottom of the sea and on coral walls….even in shallow water. If you brush up against Fire Coral, you will cause a severe burning sensation. Since two thirds of all coral are poisonous, don’t touch any of it.

Lethal dangers include scorpion fish, which look like rocks or coral, and stingrays, which can bury themselves in the sand. Don’t pick your feet up when walking in the water. Slide them instead. You should also be aware of poisonous jellyfish. As for sharks, the only ones that you are likely to see are nurse sharks, which are harmless unless they feel endangered.

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