Jamaica Accommodation Options, Where to Stay?

Jamaica accommodations close to the beach

If you are traveling to Jamaica, you will have a variety of accommodation choices. These choices include cheap motels, expensive hotels, resorts, bed and breakfast establishments, and even private villas. Cost, comfort, and convenience will be your major concerns in most cases. It is important to reserve your accommodations well in advance. Don’t make the mistake of arriving and expecting to find a place to stay – especially in the busy season!

Even though it is cheaper, you will most likely want to avoid cheap motels. These are typically located in areas of Jamaica that you don’t want to be in because there is a higher crime rate. For a nicer, safer vacation, choose a hotel, a resort, a bed and breakfast, or a private villa. www.travelrows.com

You will find most of the nicer hotels located on the beach. These hotels are usually quite nice, and can often be booked as part of your trip package for a reduced rate. For example, if you book your room, along with your air travel, you can usually find a package deal.

The best Jamaican all-inclusive hotels for families with kids

Resorts, however, offer the best in a Jamaican vacation. Here, you will find numerous things to do. There are many activities that are included in the price of your room or suite. The rooms and suites are often nicer than those found in hotels, and the service is typically better as well. Some of the best Jamaican resorts include Treasure Beach, Super Clubs, The Caves, Sea Splash, and Sandals. There are numerous resorts to choose from, however.

Bed and Breakfast establishments are also abundant, but do not usually offer the same level of service as hotels and resorts. When you stay at a B & B, you are essentially on your own, as far as activities go. B & B’s typically provide you with a meal and a quaint bedroom. Make sure you enquire about bathroom facilities, as at many B & B’s, you have to share with other guests. B & B’s are typically less expensive than hotels, but more expensive than motels.

If privacy and solitude are what you desire, consider a private Villa. This is the most expensive option for short stays, but it is ideal for extended stays. At a private villa, there is no service to speak of. You will cook your own meals and clean up after yourself. Villas offer privacy and a great deal of beauty as well.

As you can see, the choices really are vast, and you must decide what is best for you and what will make your vacation the most enjoyable. For instance, if you stay in a Villa, you may not be very close to beaches or attractions. However, if you want more activities that are planned, a resort may be best for you. When you book your accommodations, make sure that you ask a lot of questions concerning the accommodations, as well as nearby attractions. Also, be aware that when many establishments say ‘nearby’ they may mean within a mile or two!

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