Is it weird to travel alone? It is weird, if you never tried it!

Traveling alone, road and sea trip

Is it weird to travel alone? My answer for all girls/guys/single/married/people with kids – It is weird, if you never tried it! Traveling alone, omg! This is such a pleasure! Finally alone, go/fly/drive anywhere/anytime/anyhow you want.

One of the questions that bothers solo travelers – what other people will think about me? This can destroy your life. Get rid of this thought right away!

Is it weird to travel alone for a young girl/guy? 

It would be wierd if you did not think about your safety. And it is not about fear of walking in the street at night. A part of traveling alone is meeting new people. No matter, if you are on a tour, cruise or hiking alone. Say hi, talk about the weather, talk about the tour or say where you are from. As a mother of 3 I would worry who my kid is talking with on his solo trip. It is not weird to travel alone for you, just care about your safety and do not turn just a talk into something more or share your plans and personal information. Sharing an email address can be pretty safe, if you think you would want to keep contact with a new friend.

Is it weird to travel alone without your family?

This is a pretty tough question. Married people have a feeling of guilt when they have a chance to have a getaway without their husband/wife/kids. It is definitely not wierd. It is actually a great chance to recharge and refresh your energy. Sometimes you just need 2-3 days alone. Nothing bad about it. I would worry about a 2 week vacation alone without my family.

Is it weird to travel alone for anyone else?

If the question of feeling lonely bothers you, if seeing happy couples or friends doing selfies makes you sad and jealous, remember that traveling is a great chance to meet new people and cultures. If you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend you mostly focus on them. Or drinking/celebrating with your friends. When alone, you actually look around focused, curious, ready to learn and explore. That is an amazing feeling! Go for it!

Why to travel alone?

Boring part of the most articles in internet – 100500 reasons to travel alone and motivational quotes. I won’t get into it and just share 1 and the only reason why I love to travel alone.

It is freedom. You are free to choose – where to go, when to go, how to go. Believe me, every second of your trip matters if you are a true traveler. Up to one and each minute, you decide at what time you want to get up and head to the next sightseeing, which tour you want to join, if you are fine with walking in the rain or prefer to wait when it is over. And so on and so on.

There are so many points that matter when traveling. After trying it once, you will want to feel that freedom again. I do not travel alone much, but when I do, I enjoy it to its fullest. My favorite way of traveling alone is by car. This is when I do not depend not only on people, but also on transportation. Just me, road and my car.

What about you? Share your thoughts and experience in comments!

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