Iguazu Falls, Argentina – Description, Location, Attractions and Tours

Iguazu Falls Argentina

A trip to Argentina would not be complete without a visit to the Iguazu Falls. This waterfall is a tourist’s favorite. With a flow of about 1000 cubic meters a second, it consists of a network of 275 separate waterfalls. This is quite amazing. It is no wonder that in 1986 UNESCO claimed the Iguazu Falls a World Heritage Area. www.travelrows.com

Iguazu Falls on the map and its reviews:

Located between Argentina and Brazil, the waterfalls sit on the Iguazu River. Fortunately, catwalks provide closer views of the falls. Be careful, however, as you may get wet. Normally, the falls are split into two by the San Martin Island (La Isla San Martin in Spanish). The highest volume of water is found at the Devil’s Throat (La Garganta del Diablo) area. The other predominant section of cascades and waterfalls is the Salto San Martin. This falls completely on the Argentinean side. The waterfalls on this side include the Salto Adan, Salto Dos Hermanas, Salto Eva, Salto Chico, Salto Lanusse, and Salto Bossetti.

Iguazu Falls between Argentina and Brazil

The Iguazu Falls is an extraordinary site, because it feels extremely natural. Even though there are catwalks and boat tours that infuse a modern, fabricated feel to it, the serene natural essence of the site cannot be denied. The catwalks give visitors a means to experience the natural splendor as closely as possible. The Paseo Superior catwalk, which is located in Argentina, leads visitors to the upper part of the Salto Bossetti waterfall and also gives them a close view of the Salto San Martin. The Paseo Inferior catwalk allows boat access to San Martin Island and leads visitors to the bottom section of the falls. When on San Martin Island, you can get pretty close to the Salto San Martin. A visit to the Iguazu Falls will not only give you a chance to see the waterfalls, but it will also expose you to the wildlife of the area. You will see various types of birds, including parrots, butterflies, as well as wild cats like jaguars and pumas of Argentina.

Amazing Iguazu Falls of Argentina

While the catwalks allow you to walk around, you can use other means to explore this natural site. Jet boat tours are available for visitors who want to get to the bottom of it all. Yes, the boat goes right to the bottoms of the falls. Make sure you go prepared—take a raincoat or waterproof clothing with you—as you will get soaking wet. Dry bags are provided for your valuables. The jet boat tour is very exciting, but if you are the adventurous type who would appreciate close contact with flora and fauna, you might like to go on a jungle safari. This tour leads you through the rainforests of the National Park. It is an educational tour that takes place in a vehicle. The park ranger provides the information concerning the ecosystem. There are tours that combine the jungle safari and boat excursion. Regardless of the means you decide to explore Iguazu Falls, know that you are in for an unforgettable experience.

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