How to Save Money on Accommodations in Suburbs

Accommodations in suburbs

Overseas travel is usually associated with large hotel bills, noisy backpacker hostels, and chaotic surroundings in overcrowded cities. These negative experiences have left many travelers wondering if it is possible to find budget- friendly accommodations outside of traditional tourist areas.

The answer is yes. Outside of busy cities, suburbia is becoming the new place to book accommodation for today’s travelers. In the past, finding a holiday accommodation in suburban areas would have been difficult. Today, we have the internet right at our fingertips. It is undeniable that the internet features a host of resources that could be reached in just a few clicks.

Online Marketplaces

There are online marketplaces in the form of websites that enable people to advertise their own apartments, houses, and even rooms for rent when those are not being used. This means that you can now pick a budget-friendly accommodation anywhere in the world for short- term and long-term stays. The great thing about these online property marketplaces is that you can specify locations away from populated tourist areas.


If you want to take your search for cheap suburban accommodation a little further, couchsurfing may be for you. If you are up for meeting new people and bunking it up abroad, the couchsurfing community will be a great group to join in. True to its name, travelers “couch- surf” or sleep at other people’s houses for free in exchange for stories and memories with their host families. This is a great option to live with locals who can provide expert advice on your travel destination. The great thing about the couchsurfing community is that members help each other out in exploring the world, one city at a time. Choose to connect with members living in suburban areas to relax and appreciate the local culture away from the bustling metro.

Online Classified Ads

Try looking at online classified ads to find hidden accommodation gems for local travels. There are websites that will allow you a more in- depth glimpse at the real estate. You will observe that properties located away from the metropolitan areas tend to be cheaper to rent for a holiday. If money is an issue, you can save more on your local travel expenses by renting suburban accommodations. You would not be disappointed in knowing more about local attractions and hard-to-find sceneries in less popular destinations.

Review Sites

If booking a hotel is way out of your budget, you might want to try other types of accommodations available in your desired location. There are a lot of options open to travelers nowadays and some can be discovered on travel review websites, like and These websites could help travelers know more about hostels, apartments and bed- and- breakfast chains through the experience of other travelers. The majority of reviews is detailed enough, often including activity suggestions, entertainment and dining options in the vicinity and transportation services. Moreover, these sites allow a secure online booking process and a platform for communication between travelers and the accommodation staff.

In Conclusion

Wherever your next adventure takes you, take the road less travelled and stay in places outside the usual tourist hot spots. Not only will you save money, but you may also have unique experiences to brag about in your hometown.

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