How To Pack a Car Seat For Checked Baggage on an Airplane?

Check in at the airport with a car seat

While parents with children will know that it is generally best to pack as light as possible, and travel with as few encumbrances as you can, packing a child’s car seat to take with you on your vacation can be a good idea. It can be challenging to wrangle with unfamiliar car seats in a rental car, so having your own with you can help things to go more smoothly. What is more, when you carry your own car seat with you, you can rest assured that it adequately meets all safety requirements and is suitable for your child.

But if you are traveling by plane, how to you pack your car seat for checked baggage so that it is not damaged during transit?

Here are some tips to help you make sure that your child’s car seat stays clean and makes it through in one piece.

Consider a Specialist Car Seat Case

While you can pack your car seat without investing in any expensive luggage, if you travel with your child quite a lot it could make sense to invest in a specialist car seat case. Since these are specially designed to keep car seats safe and secure, they can withstand even the roughest of baggage handlers.

Use a Duffel Bag To Protect Your Car Seat

Some travelers simply use a heavy duty plastic bag to protect their car seat. But such a covering can easily be ripped in transit. It is a better idea to choose a duffel bag or similar to protect the item while it is in the hold. While these are far cheaper than specialist car seat covers, they are usually pretty sturdy and made to withstand the forces placed upon them by travel. Choose a high-quality option and you can also use it for other purposes when it is not needed to transport your car seat.

Consider Padding the Car Seat With Other Items

The luggage that you use to contain your car seat could also be additional baggage space. As long as you do not increase the weight too much, you could add other items that will come in handy for your child while you are on vacation. Adding some diapers, clothing, child bedding etc. could also have the added benefit that such soft items could provide a little extra padding to protect the car seat while you are traveling by plane.

Taking these tips into account could help you make sure that your child’s car seat arrives at your destination without any blemishes or breaks, so you can make use of it during your road-trip vacation.

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