How to Choose a Vacation House for Rent?

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It’s time to unwind! We look forward to getting away from it all every year, and whether you’re at the beach or on the side of a mountain, what could be a great vacation can quickly fall apart if you select the wrong vacation house.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing a vacation house for rest. If you’ve never rented one before, you may be surprised to learn that many people have very specific criteria to help them make their ultimate decision.

It’s a good idea to make a list of criteria that you might have when you begin looking online at different houses for rent. Really think through what could make or break a vacation for you. Once you have your list, check it against the below guide to make sure that you’ve covered everything. After all, the perfectly planned vacation could be ruined because you dread returning to the vacation house you rented. Make the right selection by ensuring that everything you need in a vacation house for a relaxing trip is accounted for.

It has enough bedrooms

How many people are coming with you on your vacation? Are there enough rooms for everyone to have a little privacy? It might seem like a simple, basic requirement, but imagine how terrible it would be if you plan this massive family vacation, and the vacation house you select only has two bedrooms to accommodate ten people.

* Scope out the bedroom situation first and foremost, but this is very often the big deal breaker when booking a location. You can’t have the newborn baby bunking with Aunt Ida and Uncle Fester; no one wins in that situation.

* Talley up your guest list and figure out who is sleeping where, which will also save you trouble upon arrival since no one will have to argue about where they are sleeping. It will all be planned in advance, which takes away a big chunk of stress.

It has the right furniture

Now that you know your vacation house has enough space/rooms to accommodate yourself and all of your guests, make sure that it’s been furnished appropriately.

* If you really do have a newborn (who is no longer bunking with Aunt Ida and Uncle Fester, thank you very much), does the house you chose have a crib or pack-n-play? The baby has to sleep somewhere, and you probably don’t want to have to haul a bed with you.

* Similarly, even though there may be enough bedrooms, there may not be enough beds for all of your guests. Take another headcount of the guest list and determine who may be sharing a bed and who is going to need to sleep alone.

* It’s not just beds that you should be concerned about, too. Picture yourself actually on vacation. Where do you see yourself relaxing the most? Is it on a wood beach chair? Or is it in a hot tub? Wherever it may be, does the listing specifically say that it has those things? Don’t assume that it does, because you may be setting yourself up for disappoint.

If there are enough beds or other furniture that you are counting on using, then you’re all set to move on to the next item on our checklist!

It is close to your planned activities

Proximity is important. If you are planning on hiking nature trails through a sprawling national park for your vacation, is your vacation house located close enough that you won’t spend half your day in the car just getting there and back?

* Many people choose a vacation based on one big activity: visiting the Grand Canyon, hitting the beach, etc. But what happens when you or your group decide that they want to try something else? It’s obviously important to be close to your primary activity (the reason you went on vacation in the first place), but it’s also just as important that you have other options available that are nearby.

* Are there tourist locations you can check out for a little shopping? Are there outdoor opportunities like waterskiing, rock climbing, or golfing? What hobbies do people in your group like to pursue, and is there something nearby that can account for them?

A vacation is meant to be just as fun as it is relaxing, so make sure you have entertaining options within driving distance.

It has cooking facilities

Everyone has to eat and you probably don’t want to spend tons of money eating out at restaurants three times a day. That can really add up quickly!

* Not all vacation houses for rent will have full kitchens; some will only have kitchenettes. That may be enough for just a week of fun, but make sure that it has everything you will need to prepare decent meals.

* You’ll absolutely want a stove and microwave, and a refrigerator would be good, too, so that you can purchase enough food upon arrival and avoid having to go food shopping every day.

It has entertainment 

Believe it or not, you’ve going to have some down time during your vacation. After you’ve spent the day hiking or swimming, or whatever your fun activities are that you have planned, the sun will go down and everyone will gather back at the vacation house before going back to bed.

But they may not all go to sleep right away, even though they’re too tired to go back out again. To keep everyone happy, make sure that you vacation house offers a nice selection of board games, card games, movies, or other entertainment. Some places have pool tables or ping pong tables, which can be great fun and a nice way to build memories just at the vacation house.

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