How To Become a House Sitter and See The World

House sitting and traveling

Living a nomadic way of life is becoming increasingly popular. In our modern, ultra-connected world, it is easier than ever to forge connections, travel widely and work on the go. Couchsurfing or AirBNB options mean that there is ever more flexibility about where you can stay, and you could travel all around the world, spending a few nights in spare beds or couches in different places before setting off once more. But if you want to truly experience the places that you visit, it can be worthwhile considering a more extended stay in each destination. Becoming a house sitter is one wonderful way to do just that.

What Does it Mean to Be a House Sitter?

A house sitter is like a babysitter – but for a home, and often also for pets. Home owners increasingly turn to the option of a house sitter to keep their property and pets safe while they are away from home. As a house sitter, you will stay in an owner’s home and make sure everything goes smoothly while they are away. You will make sure that any pets have water, food, entertainment and company, and in return, will be able to use the home. You may also sometimes have use of a vehicle or other amenities during your stay. House sitting can take you all over the globe. It can be a wonderful way to see the world.

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How Can You Become a House Sitter?

Becoming a house sitter is often best accomplished by simply forging your own connections through friends, family or social media. Getting to know people around the world will often open up a wider range of opportunities for house sitting than you may have imagined. Express an interest in house sitting and sometimes the opportunities will simply come to you.

You can also, however, sign up online to a house sitting agency. Options include:


! Each of these websites does require you to pay an annual fee, and to fill out a profile.

Getting your profile right can make a big difference, and may determine whether or not you are successful when applying to be a house sitter.

When filling out your profile, and applying for jobs, it is important to make sure that you highlight any experience you have. Pertinent experience might include looking after pets (either your own or those of a friend, neighbor or family member, as well as previous house sitting jobs. Relevant experience might also include your experience of DIY, gardening, or cleaning, for example – all of which might be useful skills when house sitting.

It is also important to highlight your reliability, trustworthiness and dependable qualities. No one will leave you alone in your home unless they truly feel you can be trusted.

Providing good references – from former bosses or landlords, for example, if not from previous house sitting jobs. Get your profile and applications right and you could soon be enjoying homes away from home all over the world.

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