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Haymarket VA, Washington street

Have you heard about the town called Haymarket? Never? Well, you should… As this town has a quite impressive history and entertaining nickname. Virginian Haymarket is the town that belongs to the Prince William County. Citizens and people from outside often call it “Crossroads”. It got its name because of paths, which were used for hunting by Iroquois. It’s the name of the nations that lived there in the very beginning of the history of this town. According to 2018 census by July 1, 2018, Haymarket’s population counts 2,016 people. Not so many, but after the Civil War in 1862, it was considered to be almost uninhabited. Haymarket owns its beautiful views and landscapes to Bull Run Mountain, that is situated just nearby the town.

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Most of the sources approve that Haymarket was founded by William Skinker, who was the owner of the land where Haymarket is located. Subsequently, in 1799 Skinker was honored to have the rights to draw the borders of Haymarket. Since then the official history of Haymarket starts. At the beginning of the 90s, the town of Haymarket was proclaimed to be the town with a district court. Thanks to the court sessions that were held on a regular basis there, Haymarket was popular as the town with the rapidly developing business field.
But in 1807 US changed its court system and Haymarket lost its status of the district court. Before it served to several counties:

  • Fairfax;
  • Loudoun;
  • Fauquier;
  • Prince William.

After the abolishing the district court in Haymarket the building was used for a variety of purposes when in 1830 it became an Episcopal church. It’s been as the Episcopal church only three years when in 1833 the church was given a name after St. Paul.

War effects

Haymarket is one of the survivors after the Civil War. On the 4th of November in 1862 the federal soldiers occupied the town and eventually set it on fire, in which the only buildings that left were St. Paul’s Church and three more small buildings. No wonder St. Paul’s church is the main sight of Haymarket if apart from its major function the building has a historical background. Only after the battle in October 1863, Haymarket started step by step taking its present look. It took quite a long time for Haymarket to get back its status of a flourishing town.

Mr Garrett Hulfish is considered to be the first Mayor of Haymarket. He was elected together with the several councilmen. The results of the second meeting of the Council in May 1882 were the issued fundamental decrees.

According to them:

  • It was prohibited to ride a horse at fast speed on the territory of Haymarket;
  • The officials of the town were obliged to provide special care and protection to street trees and bushes from the public harm;
  • It was prohibited to speak the profane language in Haymarket;
  • Firearms were prohibited within 10 feet of any building.

Haymarket nowadays

Since then most of the building in the town stayed the same. The town went through an incredible growth of population in the Northern Virginia that caused by the construction, which was initiated by Interstate System in the 1970s.

1994 is considered to be significant as well for Haymarket as quite a large area of the town was acquired by the Walt Disney Company, which supposed to be Disney’s park. But then the land was resold to a businessman William B. Snyder.

Still not enough information about the town or planning a trip to Haymarket? Go to it’s official website, which can not only tell about the history of the town in details but also to keep you updated with all of the town’s activities and holidays as well.

Haymarket Zip code – 20169

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