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Rainforests of Guyana, South America

One of the lesser known destinations of Latin America is a small country named Guyana, originally known as Stabroek. It is 450 miles of long Atlantic coastline, grand stretches of dense forests, and broad savannah’s. Even though it is housed on the northeast corner of South America it is sometimes over-looked. Guyana may be an over looked destination by some, but those who visit lay claims to return again.

The Capital

The intriguing capitol of Guyana is called Georgetown. It is a little farther down the usually travels list of ‘first-pick’ destinations but once given a glimpse into this fairy-tale inspired town anyone would desire to return. The tree-lined streets of Georgetown carry a lovely Dutch colonial and Victorian appearance. This architecture stems from its days as a Dutch/English colony.

Guyana on the map:

There is a protective sea-wall that surrounds Georgetown with several canals running throughout the city. It is below high-tide level and located on the mouth of the Demerara River which fronts the Atlantic.


This desolate and alluring locale is filled with extraordinary natural sights. One of the worlds great waterfalls, Kaieteur Falls, is located in Guyana. The counterpart to Kaieteur Falls is Kaieteur Gorge which is also centrally located. Along with the Kaieteur Falls there are several other well known waterfalls such as Orinduik Falls (knows as nature’s jacuzzi), the Marshall Falls, plus Andu and the Great Falls. This exciting chain of cascades have enchanted explorers from as early on as the nineteenth century.

Lake in Guyana

Guyana is also home to the remote Mount Roraima. This particular location was the inspiration for Conan Doyle’s Lost World. There is a mystic appearance in the waters of Guyana. As you head inward along the rivers and creeks the waters become darker becoming incredibly dark. So dark that they appear Black. Yet these black waters give their own sense of serenity just as blue waters have a gaiety.

A bird of Guyana forests

One’s journey to Guyana does not stop at the great falls. Whether you plan to reside close to Georgetown or if you decide to travel further down the river, towards the North Rupununi, there are plenty of accommodations to parlay any travelers tastes into complete paradise.

Guyana flagIt does not matter whether you came for a tasteful and relaxing getaway or if you would prefer the hands-on adventure, there is something for everyone in Guyana. From an amazing array of jungle lodges, resorts and suites to magnificent boat rides, beckoning beaches, jungle quests, and forest treks…. there is adventure and luxury for every type of traveler. Guyana welcomes everyone to discover its undeniable beauty. Guyana is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by you.

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