Grüner See (Green Lake) in Styria, Austria

Grüner See, Styria, Austria

Grüner See Lake is located in Austria, Tragöß village. It is famous for its green, clear water and amazing underwater attractiveness. If you are looking for unusual scuba diving places, you probably have seen this lake as on of the best on many diving websites.

I hate torturing my readers with placing the most important information to the bottom of the article like other websites do. That is why, I will  deliver sad news right here. Currently there is a ban for scuba diving in Gruner See Lake and according to the locals that I have contacted, there is no information if the ban will ever be lifted.

Now back to the lake

Though, the ban exists and maybe never be lifted for divers, the lake and its surroundings are still beautiful. It definitely is worth visiting the Tragöß village and all Styria area, where the lake is located. Local hotels offer winter and summer accommodations, mountain skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

The Green Lake on the map and its reviews:

Why the lake is green?

Sameranger Lake, Austria

When you hear about a green lake, you imagine algae and muddy water. There are lots of those. Water in some lakes does not move much, gets green and not swimmable, especially in August. But this all is not about the Green Lake!

Water in Grüner See Lake is absolutely clean and comes from the snowmelt. It is very cold, about 6-7 degrees. Hochschwab Mountains and forests that surround the lake are incredible and worth seeing. But if you want to see the lake, it is better to come after snowmelt. Interesting thing – in winter the lake almost disappears an is only about 3-7 feet deep.

This is the secret of the lake

This lake is not a common buried underwater city as you may think from the pictures. Benches, docks, trees, footpaths and other things you can see under it – are all safe and sound when the water goes down towards the winter. That is why when diving it was important to come at the right season, to get the most of it. The waters start evaporating in July.

More about the ban

Diving in Gruner See Lake, Austria

Tragöß tourism office announced a ban for any lake activities in Jan, 2016. That means, it is not allowed to dive, swim or use a boat. Diving permits and restrictions could organize a better control to protect the Green Lake from pollution. But experts are worried that diving may cause increasing sediments and loss of that beautiful emerald-green color.

In conclusion

Travelers, who were able to swim or dive in this lake before the ban are really lucky and thanks to them we have those amazing pictures. If you have a chance to visit some nature wonder, do it! Someday it may be not available anymore for this or that reason. Check out another great green lake to visit: Pink Lake in the Gatineau Park, Quebec, Canada. The lake is green, trust me 🙂

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