Group Travel Booking Services – Tours, Cruises and All Other Types of Vacations

Group travel - hiking in the mountains

Travelrows LLC is happy to assist you with booking a group trip and it is completely free, we do not charge any fees for that. Group travel can be applied to any types of vacations: tours, cruises, business travel, interest groups, weddings, senior travel and so on. That is why, feel free to contact us for any trips, your group may need to plan, organize, book or escort. On this page, I would like to provide more information on how it works, group travel advantages and how Travelrows LLC will take care of your group.

Group travel planning

When it comes to groups, booking is the easiest part. More complicated is to plan a trip, organize it, make sure everyone is ready for it, everyone gets all the information, everyone gets customer support throughout the trip and returns safely home.

How it works with Travelrows LLC:

  1. If you have an organizer, leader or a manager, we work with that person. If you do not, we take this responsibility on us.
  2. We help you to plan your group travel, figure out itinerary, pricing, dates, and just make a solid plan to follow.
  3. We keep in touch with all group members about their trip requirements, provide updated information, make sure everyone gets the details.
  4. We do all bookings, reservations, changes in itinerary. When booking, we make sure that this or that activity can accommodate all group members.
  5. If you need an escorted tour – we are always there for you. Will be happy to join your trip and help you out along the travel – solving problems, assisting with shopping, providing personal assistant and concierge services.
  6. If you do not need an escorted group travel – we still on the phone line/emails with you throughout the trip. Helping to solve problems, make changes in itinerary and plans, adding excursions, finding the information you need.
  7. After trip support. Making sure everyone is back safe and sound, getting feedback and getting ready a travel report if needed.
  8. If it is a business trip/corporate activities, we work with your company’s manager, accountant or any other responsible for organizing/finances person.

Advantages of booking a group trip with us

  • We contact tour operators, cruise lines and other travel providers and negotiate the travel group pricing, traveling in a group means you get a discount!
  • We take care of group flights booking, including flights from different departure airports.
  • We take care of hotel rooms booking, making sure or doing the best to keep the group together and taking care of personal requests.
  • We take tare of any other types of booking, rentals and activities.
  • It is easy to find a vacation, but it might be not easy to find an activity (especially in high season) that will be able to accommodate 10-30 person group. We will help with research and make sure everyone will fit in.
  • We take care of any special requests like accessible group travel, food preferences, allergies, traveling with pets and service animals.

If you travel with a group, that does not mean that you have to stick to others. We personalize group traveling and trying to make happy everyone in the group. It might not be possible but we do our best.

Group travel requirements

Group travel requires more responsibility and organizational moments. Depending on your trip destination or type of vacation, it may have some requirements to follow. Some of them are:

  1. Early booking. This is important, if you want to get everyone on a plane, have enough rooms left in a hotel or book a big bus. Those are just examples. All the process of planning takes time.
  2. Every travel provider has different number of people of what is considered to be a group. Mostly it is about 10 people and up. But some of them can be 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15 and so on. Some work with very little groups like of 4-5 people and some work only with large groups, starting from 30.
  3. Requirement above affects the price. More people you have in your group, better discount you can get.
  4. Some groups may have age limits, especially when it comes to children. Kids ages for bus tours are often 8 and higher. This is just an example.

Good news! Even if you are super late and need a last minute planning/booking, we are happy to help! We will help and do our best if your dead line is close and you are in panic, need to do something and just do not know what. We do not have a magic wand but we have great connections and experience, passion for helping and we are proud to be fast paced and ready to work 24/7/365

Examples of group travels 

As I have mentioned above, group travel can be applied to almost any types of vacations or trips. Here, just some examples:

  • Family reunion, anniversary, weddings, parties
  • Corporate travel and business trips, networking groups
  • Groups by interests, attending events, clubs
  • Senior travel groups, clubs and communities
  • Sport events, fans, fitness and wellness groups
  • Vacation rentals, camping and other types of alternative travel

If you own a business, running your own company or a manager, or just responsible for travel person in a group, feel free to contact us for help. Outsourcing your travel plans will save you a lot of time and will not affect your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you book last minute group trips?

We do. Please understand though, that when it is a last minute flight – prices are high, if it is a last minute hotel/resort – guests may have different types or rooms (again, different prices), you may need a private excursion or 2,3 cars for transportation. Because we will book what is left. It is still better than nothing, especially if it is a business trip and you have to fly anyway. But we do our best to make your group travel comfortable and secure.

What I should know about vacation rentals?

Renting a vacation home is another affordable way to travel with a group. We help with booking villas and other types of accommodations for groups that are cheaper than hotels/resorts. The most important is to follow the rules, home owner requires. We will provide all the information needed, depending on your destination and type of your group.

Can my yoga group travel anywhere in the world?

Absolutely! A part of our job is to make sure that travelers have all the required documents, vaccines, fit the required age/physical conditions for the activities. If your travel is related to fitness and sports you may need to take care or waivers or medical insurance  with extra protection.