Grand Cayman – Things to Do and Night Life Options

Water sports on Grand Cayman

Be it on air, on land, at sea and even water, Grand Cayman is teeming to the brim with activities that would sure get you going from day ’til night.


The beauty of the whole island can be viewed not only when you’re on foot; in fact the exquisite landscape of the whole scene is better viewed when you’re up there, seeming to have these imaginary wings that help you appreciate the lovely site as you go on the helicopter rides while touring around.

For those who are more into action, there are Parasailing Professionals that gently introduce you to the wonder of the sky and the fresh breeze, and of course you can go ahead if you are already a seasoned parasailer. You can opt of single, double or triple parasails, and there are also discounts available for direct booking.


A simple excursion is definitely not the right way to describe everything that you can do and see once you go out of the Cayman’s sun. There are a variety of activities to choose from and a wide range of places to visit, from a relaxation place for those opting for a calm escape to exciting sports activities in search for real action.

An ideal tranquil spot, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, is located at the center of the island, 30 minutes away from George Town and from the airport. After paying the entrance fee of about US$10, you can stay all day and take your time pondering on your thoughts, enjoying the wonderful scenery and bathing yourself in the hot sunlight.

There are also places especially targeted for families; these places are enjoyable both for parents and kids alike as they offer various activities from skating to surfing.

The Skate Park is the largest of its kind, 62 200 square feet, made perfectly for adolescent fun. Parents and kids can also bond in Pampered Ponies, a particular horse-riding place offering a different horse-ride experience. Here, you get to ride the horses as they swim in the sea. Honey Suckle Trail Rides also offer a slightly different horse-ride thrill, as they have different rides to suit their customers, like guided trail rides, sunset rides, midnight rides and picnics.


And, of course, being an island, all visitors of Grand Cayman should not miss the different beach and underwater experiences that are just waiting for them to delve in. Kayaking is one of the newest activities available, and different companies are offering this eco-friendly way of sight-seeing.

Cayman Kayaks and Atlantis Adventures offer tours by day and night. Witness nature’s glory in broad daylight or find a secluded place to watch a romantic sunset. At night, the water gives an ethereal glow as you paddle because of bioluminescent sea creatures. These kayak tours, aside from being eco-friendly, also reach places that are not reachable by road, thus giving you a wider view of the whole Grand Cayman Island.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are also some of the most loved water activities that people often come back to do. Water sports, deep sea fishing and boat rentals are also loved by the tourists. And, of course, this place also goes for the beach bums who just enjoy the wide expanse of the sea in front of them.

Night Life

Night Life in Cayman Islands

The breathtaking starry sky sets the mood for the island’s eclectic night life scene. Grand Cayman offers a wide variety of options after a day of exploring the beauty of the place glazed with sunlight. The best place to be while the sun sets is beside the shores, having that sunset sip. As the night approaches, there are many choices of dinner places to go to. Some of the best bars on the island are attached to restaurants. Sample the island’s local fare while feeling the rhythm of the Caribbean music. Seven Mile Beach is the hotspot of night activities; it’s where party animals congregate, comedy clubs leave you in stitches, and you can dance the night away at the discos.

The live-entertainment scene in clubs and bars changes on a nightly basis. One club might be jumping with a live band one night, and then be calm, with no live entertainment, the following evening. Local musicians dominate the music scene with the likes of Barefoot Man, George Nowak who is a regular at the Reef Resort Restaurant.

Night events in Grand Cayman are not the usual loud, party-until-dawn happening. Since the morning excursion might be tiring, the night is usually spent to relax. But, of course, dancing at partying are still present as it is always a vital element of any city’s nightlife.

For outdoor parties near the beach, Reef Grill and Beach Bar located at the Royal Palms is one of the best choices as it offers upbeat live music ranging from reggae to Latin, a wide dance floor, a huge cabana bar, and a soothing breeze coming from the beach just on the side. Most young people visit here, as you can spot high school students and college spring breakers enjoying the night away.

Restaurant and dinner places are also most visited during the night, and they also usually have live music to accompany the excellent cuisine savored by the tourists as the day comes to an end. Here are just some of these food places offering live music on the side.

  • The Wharf Restaurant as its name suggest is built mostly on wharves and piers. The trendy ambiance lures the young, hip crowd to its alfresco setting that lets you dine while fishes swim underneath your table.
  • Deckers, aptly named because its bar is built in an original English Double Decker bus. It’s a fusion of beach bar and a pub setting. Dine outdoors while you listen to live music.
  • Coconut Joe’s is known for being one of the liveliest nightspots and for its daily beer bucket specials. Enjoy your drinks while you watch your favorite sport on one of their big screen televisons.
  • Macabuca at Cracked Conch. Macabuca literally translates to “what do I care?” in the Taino Indian language. It’s no wonder the carefree and hedonistic crowds definitely enjoy good music and drinking at this place.
  • O Bar is the place to be if you like the big-city nightclub atmosphere. Get entertained by flare bartenders while waiting for your drinks. Tear up the dance floor while the DJ plays rock, funk, house and hip-hop music.

Dress up for a night out. Bathing suits are not allowed in most bars so wear your classy resort wear to be safe. Your best accessory is a smile because you’re likely to make new friends while you’re checking out the island’s nightspots. It’s also advisable to make dinner reservations.

The island’s night activities may be laidback compared to that of Puerto Rico’s and other islands’ but for a small site, it is definitely one of the best places to seek enjoyment and fun. To party or to relax? That is the question you should ask yourself before you dive into the pleasures of Grand Cayman’s night life.

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