Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Littlefield, AZ

Grand-Canyon Parashant National Monument at night

Grand Canyon – Parashant National Monument is situated on the northern edge of the Grand Canyon in north-western Arizona. This place is a world away from the crowds on more popular and touristed parts of the rim, and a destination where you can truly get away from it all. Many are aware of the truly awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon, but few people take the time to travel to its less visited spots. This National Monument is one of those spots – a journey here is a journey into the wild.

Parashant National Monument on the map:

From solitary vistas, visitors who take the time to venture into this remote area get the opportunity to gaze down into the spectacular canyon, and see if from a different perspective, without the hoards of other visitors that you will find at other popular spots on the canyon’s rim. Be prepared – on this journey, you will leave the 21st Century behind. There is no cell service, not even paved roads – nothing to spoil the area’s outstanding natural beauty.

Popular locations and attractions

* Visitors with high-clearance, 4×4 vehicles can travel the Mt Trumbull Scenic Loop Drive – the most spectacular scenic drive in the national monument. It leads from St George, Utah, to Mt Trumbull and Toroweap and ends at Pipe Spring National Monument.

* Another popular scenic drive, also appropriate for any high-clearance, four wheel drive vehicle is Twin Point Scenic Grand Canyon Overlook. You will wind through the pinyon trees and make your way to the scenic overlook at the canyon’s edge.

* Unless Upper Pigeon Canyon has flooded in the monsoon season, visitors with high-clearance 4x4s could also consider a trip to see the old mining operations of Grand Gulch Mine, or, in a vehicle capable of handling the bedrock steps and sharp lava or limestone rocks along the route, can drive from Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse to Whitmore Canyon Overlook deep in the Grand Canyon. Alternatively, extreme terrain vehicles can also make the descent into Parashant Canyon, on extremely rough roads, to reach Copper Mountain Mine.

* Tweeds Point, in the northern Grand Wash Cliffs, can also be accessed by shorter 4x4s. It looks down into colorful Hidden Canyon and across the Pakoon Basin. Snap Point, for jeeps and UTVs only past Fort Garrett Viewpoint, is the westernmost viewpoint of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and stunning views are guaranteed.

* Visitors who want to get out of their vehicles and truly get to know these stunning surroundings should note that it is also possible to hike the back country, and wild camping is permitted, with no reservations or fees,as long as you are sensible and respect the natural world around you.

In conclusion

Parashant National Monument at night

Grand Canyon – Parashant National Monument may be overlooked by many in favour of the more glamorous delights elsewhere along the rims. But for nature lovers, and those who want to escape the crowds, it is hard to beat.

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