Google Assistant to Notify You of Possible Flight Delays

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Airports and traveling can be gruesome at times. All thanks to google for making steady strides in technological advancements in helping the traveling experiences of their users easier. Google Assistant has been making it easy to plan trips and finding all the helpful information one needs to travel.

The tech giant recently announced that it’s Google Assistant, will begin to send alerts to passengers if there is a strong possibility of their flights being delayed. The alerts will be made even before arriving at the airport.

On a blog post, the Vice President of product management, Google Travel, Richard Holden wrote “Over the next few weeks, Google Assistant will proactively notify you on your phone if we predict a flight delay and tell you the reason if we know it.”
The predictions are based on an analysis of the historic flight status data along with machine learning. Google has been sharing predictions on flight delays since early 2018. Only informing passengers when it’s 85 percent confident that their flight will experience delays.

Users can expect to see a message along the lines of “Due to a delayed incoming flight, there is a good chance your flight will be delayed by at least 30 minutes.” In addition, users can also choose to ask questions about a specific flight, for example “Hey Google, what is the status of the American Airlines flight from California to Arizona?”

The proactive alerts will make it so much easier to get up to date information and stay in the know. Google’s approach is better and easier as it predicts the delays even before the airlines announces. Giving the passenger time to make adequate plans.
This enhancement to Google Assistant just goes to prove how google is positively impacting the traveling industry.

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