Golf Options at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golfing in South Carolina

Nobody can discuss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina without talking about Pine Lakes Country Club. Pine Lakes Country Club is the oldest golf course in Myrtle Beach and is often called ‘The Granddaddy’.

In the 1920’s a group of wealth businessmen decided to create a truly up-scale beach get-a-way for themselves and their families which they called ‘Arcady’. Pine Lakes Country Club was part of this creation as was the Ocean Forest Hotel. Pine Lakes Country Club golf course was designed by architect Robert White, the first president of the Professional Golf Association (PGA) of America. He was also a co-founder of the American Society of Golf Course Architects.

Golfing at Pine Lakes Country Club is like no other golfing experience on earth. The first thing that gets your attention is the fellow in a skirt organizing the groups. Relax! That isn’t a skirt….it’s a kilt….and the fellow doesn’t have a speech impediment….that is a Scottish brogue. The caddy wearing white gloves is another hint of the elegance that awaits you. Your clubs will by washed and your shoes will be shined.

There is an antebellum club house that has sixty-two rooms and is so white it glitters in the sunlight. At the first tea, if the weather is cold, you will be served hot chocolate. If the weather is warm, you will be served mimosas. You will server clam chowder on number seven. You will experience true graciousness….the southern way of times gone by.

There are no houses on the Pine Lakes Country Club golf course unlike most other golf courses. There just isn’t any clutter at Pine Lakes Country Club golf course. There are only the tall, scattered old pine trees on a course dotted with small lakes and ponds. It’s a beautiful course, with an open, airy feel.

I am making it sound like the Pine Lakes Country Club golf course is the only golf course in Myrtle Beach which is certainly not the truth. There are many golf courses in the area.

At the Barefoot Resort you will find not one but four golf courses. There is the Love III course that will exceed all of your expectations at seven thousand yards. Then there is the Fazio Course at sixty-eight hundred yards. The Norman Course at Barefoot is a mixture of beauty and harsh reality. The Dye Course at Barefoot is seven thousand, three hundred, forty-three yards long (7,343) and may be the most challenging of all.

Barefoot Resort has called itself “The Golf Capital of the World” and maybe it really is. There is a clubhouse that is scheduled to open in August for the Love, Norman and Fazio courses.

If golfing is your bag (pun intended) then Myrtle Beach is the place where you will find the ultimate golfing vacation. You can experience many different golf courses in Myrtle Beach and all of them will provide you with a unique experience and you can enjoy the beautiful weather and sun drenched beaches between rounds.

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