Fourth of July Travel Tips and Vacation Ideas, Independence Day Destinations

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Independence Day is another reason to spend your days off on traveling. What is more, it is summer and kids are at home. No wonder, lots of families plan their vacations around this date. A week before and after Fourth of July is really busy for beaches and recreational sites. If you are one of those who travel these dates, check out this article for useful tips and ideas how to get the most of your trip.

Useful to know. If you don’t like crowds, try to plan your vacation on some other dates. I know, it is after school and so tempting to get out of the city or house, but really, waiting till after the 4th of July will save your nerves and help to avoid crazy traffic on the roads and at the airports.

Travel Tips

1. How to avoid crowds. My favorite question at all times, no matter what holiday it is 🙂 Just pick some less popular destinations. Go for outdoors and nature instead of big cities or luxury resorts. Yeah, National Parks during holidays as full as the other popular destinations but at least, you will have more space and fresh air.

2. Mix traveling with visiting your family and relatives. Ha, that’s why all the roads are so busy, because so many families get together on this special day. Good thing – you probably won’t need a hotel at a crazy price. Or a struggle to find a vacant room when planning a last minute vacation.

3. Travel away from heat, especially with seniors and small kids. Pick some colder destinations. Middle of the summer does not mean you have to suffer. Leave Florida for lower temperatures. Head to see Great Lakes and northern states. Cruises towards the North are also a good idea.

4. Remember about the best time to buy your air tickets. If you book flights too early, you may miss good deals, if you book too late you may stay without any tickets at home. They say, the best time to save on 4th of July flights is the second half of May.

5. Do not buy fireworks in other states or bring them to other states if you do not know their laws. It may be illegal. If you are looking for the best place to watch fireworks on the Independence Day, read this article: The best 4th of July Fireworks in the US.

Vacation Ideas

Happy Independence Day CardHere are the best destination ideas for the 4th of July. This is a short list to get a general idea. Visit our 2 other articles for reading more about destinations with the best parades and fireworks.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

For those, who want to spend the holiday on the ocean front, Myrtle beach is one of the best. Long sandy beach, still some freshness during the hottest summer time. Fireworks, lots of BBQ options and events. Make sure you find out the events in advance and book a hotel. If you have some extra time, go visit Outer Banks before or after the holiday, that is a “must see” place on the East coast.

2. Boulder, Colorado

For those, who are more into sports, crowds, beer and live music – Boulder is a perfect destination. Head to the University of Colorado for all that plus a great fireworks show at the end of the Independence day. Check out in advance the events near by Boulder Reservoir – activities and water splashing places for kids, food and drinks stations, shows.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

For those, who loves music there is the Fourth of July festival with annual concert celebration. More than 15 bands and family friendly activities, spectacular fireworks are all free! If you have some extra time, include in your trip the most popular National Parks of Tennessee. You can read more about them here.

4. New York City, New York

For those, who does not see the Independence Day without Statue of Liberty – New York is the best place to go. Macy’s Fireworks and the show worth seeing at least once in a life time. Most of the celebrations go along the East River. Make sure you will get a sport for the water show from the New York Fire Department. If you have some extra time, take a cruise that heads out of New York City.

5. San Fransisco, California

For those, who prefers California and West coast, San Fransisco is the best place to go. Pier 39 is famous for its Independence Day celebrations and Fireworks but really the whole city is just one big celebration spots with tons of events and activities on shore and water. A small reminder – this is a place where you have to plan your holiday itinerary in advance.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

For those, who likes history – head to the Boston Harborfest – all the activities this or that way are related to history. Music, kids entertainment, shows, small historical tours. And of course, fireworks. If you need help with planning a historical itinerary, just let me know.

+ Top destinations according to travelers and reviews these days:

  • Orlando
  • Vancouver
  • Cancun
  • Seattle
  • Punta Cana

What is your best travel experience during the Fourth of July? Share in comments your stories and suggestions. Thank you!

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