Five Reasons to Depart from Southampton UK Cruise Port

Southampton UK cruise port

Southampton is the Cruise Capital of Great Britain. Home to some of the world’s most magnificent cruise liners and best known cruise lines, cruises from Southampton sail to the Baltic, Mediterranean, Norway, the Canary Islands and Northern Europe.

You can cruise from Southampton to more exotic climes, too. Powerful modern ocean liners have shelved the time from transatlantic crossings, making it possible to take round-trip cruises to the Caribbean, USA and Africa – and even around the world. So why not leave the plane, and cruise from Southampton UK cruise port?

Here are five great reasons why:

1) It’s totally stress-free. A cruise from Southampton couldn’t be easier, with everything geared towards making life as straight-forward as possible. No missing luggage, flight delays or confusing hand luggage restrictions. No hefty luggage being dragged through overcrowded airports.

2) There’s more choice than ever before – all from one convenient location. Cruises from Southampton are increasing all the time, with cruise lines constantly upping the number of round-trip cruises to accommodate the demand for passengers who want to sail off to sunny climes without flying.

3) A cruise from Southampton is great value for money. Flying is expensive, with far less value for money than you get on board a ship. Plus, you’re able to take a far more generous baggage allowance, meaning a lot more clothes to choose from once you’re on board ship.

4) Cruises from Southampton are great for families. Your holiday can begin right away, with no fractious toddlers or crowded airports to spoil the fun. With fantastic facilities on board, you can make the most of every moment – from beginning to end.

5) Cruises from Southampton are accessible for everyone. With excellent rail and road links from the South West, London and the Midlands, Southampton is easy to get to. As Britain’s largest deepwater port, it has the pick of the world’s most fabulous liners, with plenty of parking while you’re away, too.

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