Events, Festivals, Holidays by Month to Attend in Argentina

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A trip to Argentina will keep you entertained. Rich in culture and activities, this Spanish-speaking country is busy with a regular schedule of festivals and events that take place throughout the year. If you want to really get in touch with Argentina, check out these events during your travels. There is a major festival or event going on practically every month.

January: Gualeguaychu Festival

This festival starts in January and ends in February. During these months, the town of Gualeguaychu holds a spectacular, large-scale carnival highlighting various festivities, like dancing, live music, and huge parades. It is a great place to release steam and feast.

February: Buenos Aires Tango Festival

If you know anything about tango, you know that it is in the heart and soul of Argentina. This festival that takes place in the capital city attracts people from all around the country who want to celebrate the special dance. Performances are held all over the city. Besides this, tango classes and parties also take place at this time.

March: Tilcara Carnival Festival

The inhabitants of Tilcara hold this festival to express their gratitude toward the Earth. According to them, the devil possesses people’s souls during the Carnival. Thus, the typically reserved people of the area come alive during the nine days of this event. When the festival is over, the devil is placed in a hole and covered until the following year.

April: Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival

This ten-day event honors independent films. Producers from around the world gather to promote a wonderful selection of independent films.

May: Buenos Aires Contemporary Air Fair

Known as Arte Buenos Aires, this exhibition highlights art. Tourists who have an interest in art and culture would enjoy this event.

July: Independence Day

Argentina is alive and bustling when this holiday comes around. Celebrations and festivities take place across the country marking the independence from Spain. Cafes serve traditional fare like churros with chocolate filling. Live music blares on, as proud Argentineans party. A more serious tribute takes place in the Plaza de Mayo.

August: Tango World Championships

What is Argentina without tango? During the month of August, tango is once-again at the forefront with this championship competition that gathers tango dancers from around the globe. Along with the event that takes place in Buenos Aires come many celebrations and exhibits concerning the dance.

September: Semana Musical Llao Llao

This festival celebrates classical music. Taking place in the town of Bariloche, the event highlights performances by musicians from all over the world.

October: Oktoberfest in Argentina

Argentineans love to get together and celebrate. Take part in their five-day Oktoberfest celebration and find out. People from all over the globe join in the festivities that take place in the province of Cordoba.

November: Buenos Aires Gay Parade

Buenos Aires is among the South American cities with a big gay population. The Gay Parade is a time to celebrate gay pride. Thousands of people mark this event.

December: Christmas

December is an interesting time to travel to Argentina if you come from a country where it is cold during the holidays. In Argentina, Christmas comes in the middle of summer—just right for a picnic.

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