El Calafate, Argentina – Travel Options, Glaciers and Ranches to See

El Calafate, Argentina

Nature-loving travelers would find the town of El Calafate in Argentina extremely intriguing. A small town, it is quite the tourist destination. Situated along the Lago Argentina, this town is particularly attractive to trekkers and outdoorsmen. There are a range of hotels and restaurants waiting for you there. Keep in mind that food is somewhat expensive in the area, because of the remote location. You will, however, find a wide array of striking handicrafts and souvenirs you can take back home with you. www.travelrows.com


El Calafate in Argentina, Glacier

While in El Calafate, you can do many things. First, you must see the Perito Moreno Glacier. This attracts most tourists to the area in the first place. This natural wonder is located about 50 miles (80 kilometers) from El Calafate. You can hear the glacial ice crack and you might be able to see a front wall of the glacier fall. You will be amazed. Trails and viewing platforms are available; they make the sightseeing much easier. A mini trekking tour is also available. This will give you an opportunity you will never forget. Besides this, you can visit the National Park Los Glacieras via a boat trip. You can see pieces of ice afloat in the lake. It is a truly stunning excursion.


Ranches at El Calafate, Argentina

Glaciers are not the only highlights of your trip to El Calafate; you can also visit ranches. Known by inhabitants of the Spanish-speaking country as estancias, they allow you to enjoy nature and escape from the pressures of the big city. Some ranches worth visiting include Nibepo Aike Ranch, El Galpon del Glaciar Ranch, and Alta Vista Ranch. If you enjoy horse riding, most ranches will give you a chance to do so. For a romantic experience, you can visit Onelli Bay. Take your lunch along and enjoy a quiet and beautiful time. You can also visit Laguna Nimez, where you can see different kinds of birds flying overhead. This will give you an opportunity to enjoy Patagonia and Argentina in its natural glory.

El Calafate on the map:

Travel Options

You can get to El Calafate by one of several different ways. Daily flights are scheduled to and from Buenos Aires and Ushuaia via Aerolineas Argentinas. Book in advance during peak season, as spaces fill up very quickly. Further, charter flights are also available. Operated by DAP, these 90-minute flights are quite scenic and go to and from Puerto Natales.

Bus service is also an option. This is definitely a more affordable choice for travelers on a budget. Naturally, buses are not as speedy as planes, so expect a long and bumpy ride. Some bus routes provide amazing views of Argentina, so it might be worth it if you are a curious tourist who loves to appreciate the surroundings and can tolerate a very long ride if you are coming in from a considerable distance. Buy your food in advance, if you are going on a long bus ride because some areas that you will pass through do not have many options when it comes to food.

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