Ecuador Nightlife – Quito, Guayaquil, Montanita, Banos and Cuenca Cities

Ecuador Nightlife

Ecuador is not famed for its nightlife. In fact, it has a reputation for being somewhat more subdued than its more fiery and flamboyant Latin American neighbours like Colombia or Peru. But take a closer peek and you will discover that Ecuador actually has a lot to offer – not just during the day but also after dark. You will actually find plenty of lively and happening places in all the major towns and cities, but if the nightlife is an important element for your ideal vacation, here are some of the destinations to consider.


Quito, one of Ecuador’s largest cities and its capital, is getting better for its nightlife year on year. If you want a more lively feel, hear for La Mariscal, between Colon and Patria in the new town area of the city. Here, the party gets going at around 11pm and goes on until 3am or even later. Make a bee line for Plaza Foch, the common start point for the evenings’ festivities, and you will soon discover that there are plenty of pubs, bars, clubs and penas for those with all sorts of different musical tastes and night life preferences.


Guayaquil these days is just as lively as the capital, and sometimes seems more lively at night that it does during the day. The common thing here is to head out for a leisurely dinner and drinks in a bar before heading on to a nightclub. The nightlife is centred around a number of different parts of the city – the Kennedy Mall, calle Victor Emilio Estrada in Urdesa, and calle Principal in Alborada. In the wee small hours, Zona Rosa comes to life, and is another popular place to party.


During the day, Montanita is a coastal resort with a chilled out surfer vibe. This same relaxed and peaceful yet active atmosphere continues into the night. Low key, but good fun, the nightlife here mostly consists of a relaxed amble from bar to bar – though clubs in the town do have live music from around 11.30pm to 1am before the DJ starts and people dance on for the next few hours.

Banos de Agua Santa

This small backpacker town might not seem like the most obvious place to come to enjoy the nightlife. But the steady stream of low-key backpacking visitors passing through has led to the development of a smallish but relatively lively night life scene, with plenty of restaurants, bars, penas and clubs along the Calle Eloy Alfaro.


Even in places which previously enjoyed a somewhat sleepy reputation, such as Cuenca, there are still places to while the night away, and plenty of opportunities to get to know some locals, or enjoy a relaxing evening of music and drinking. In Cuenca, most of the bars are located along Avenida Grand Colombia.

Give Ecuador a chance and you might be surprised by how much fun you can have here by night, as well as by day.

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