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Eat Shoot Drive Private Tour

Finnish Lapland is widely known for being the home of Santa Claus and his reindeers, however, Lapland offers countless year-round activities, captivating scenery and the cleanest air in Europe. In this article I want to introduce Eat Shoot Drive private exclusive tour operator from Finnish Lapland.

Creating exclusive experiences and lasting memories

Happy couple in snowEat Shoot Drive is a private tour operator and photography business founded by Hanna and Neil. Having lived in Dubai for a decade, the couple decided to completely turn the life they knew on its head and moved to Levi in Finnish Lapland. Based 150 km above the Arctic Circle, they now embrace an active, outdoor lifestyle, sharing their appreciation for the magic of this Arctic wilderness with visitors from all round the world.

The company specializes in private outdoor adventures and excursions coupled with photoshoots. This has become particularly popular with visitors coming to Lapland for their engagements, weddings and honeymoons, having their special memories documented with the magnificent Lappish fells and forests as backdrop. Northern Finland offers a host of beautiful natural scenery and plenty of activities all year round, that can be used to make every shoot stand out from the ordinary.

Exclusive tours to Finnish Lapland

The era of selfies is giving space to new trends in travel photography. Holidays are treasured occasions and often travelers look for that little extra when choosing where to go and what to do. Eat Shoot Drive has become popular with the Lapland holiday makers, serving two aspects of making a holiday truly special by creating outdoor experiences and capturing memories for years to come. They offer a range of options for your shoot, going from multi day documentary style and single day options, to hourly sessions to capture your special moments.

The perfect setting

Some may think that it would be challenging to arrange a shoot for customers not used to the cold and who might be unfamiliar with roaming in nature. So far all have simply embraced the moment and gone into the shoot with playfulness and joy. The most memorable one was with a newlywed Brazilian couple who had brought their wedding outfits on their Lapland honeymoon “just in case” an opportunity to use them would arise. Once in Levi they contacted Neil for a shoot. The bride’s determination to challenge the cold in her backless dress on a frozen lake surrounded by snow coated trees, combined with mid-December hues of pastel blue light, created the perfect setting for a romantic winter wedding shoot.

Wedding photoshoot in snow

Hanna and Neil have spent weeks scouting for the perfect locations with the aim to give each client a truly special and unique experience. The more adventurous client may choose snowshoeing as this is an easy, fun and rewarding way to get around during the winter months. Hiking by foot becomes challenging once thick snow covers the slopes. When you strap on a pair of snowshoes magic happens as they make you kind of float on the snow. Add a head torch and some trekking poles and suddenly you feel like a true adventurer!

An outdoor space has also been created by a private river location, for those clients who would prefer a relaxed setting decorated with fairy lights, a fireplace and a swing to play around for their shoot.

Neil Walton, Eat Shoot and DriveHanna Ylijukuri, Eat Shoot Drive

Neil and Hanna are the founders of Eat Shoot Drive. They share a passion for the outdoors and offer an antidote to the ever-increasing demands of everyday life, giving their guests and unforgettable experience and memories of pursuing outdoor activities in clean air, surrounded by spectacular natural wonders.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time to go to Finnish Lapland if we want to enjoy the snow photoshoots?

Usually Lapland is covered in snow from mid-November to April, with some variations from year to year. Outdoor activities can be enjoyed at anytime but from a photographer’s perspective November, February and March are great as the sun throws a golden glow over the snowy fells and you can capture some truly wonderful images.

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