Diving in Fernsteinsee and Samerangersee Lakes – Tirol, Austria

Fernsteinsee Lake, Tirol, Austria

The idea to share information about those 2 beautiful lakes came to me thanks to one of my clients, who was interested in scuba diving there. Those 2 lakes are famous for their crystal clear water and surrealistic underwater world. Unfortunately, scuba diving is not allowed there, but you can still shore dive and snorkel. How to? Just go on reading 🙂

Note: What is the difference between diving and scuba diving? When we say scuba diving, it means diving with “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”. If you hear just the word “diving” that usually means diving from a shore with a mask and a snorkel. You can still dive but as long as you have enough air in your lungs.

Fernsteinsee and Samerangersee Lakes are located close to each other and if you are interested in visiting one, you should definitely visit both. Both lakes on the map:

Important to know

There are some restrictions and rules that you have to follow on the lakes. Plus remember to take with you a warm diving suit as the water in the lakes is freezing. Things to know before you plan your trip:

  • Diving in both lakes is allowed only for hotel guests
  • Two overnight stays required in the hotel
  • It is not allowed to touch the bottom
  • Scuba diving is not allowed
  • Water in the lakes is very cold (about 6-7C or 42-44F)

Speaking about accommodation. If you look on the map below, you can see that this is all the accommodation you can find near the lakes. You can either book yourself or contact us for help. There is also camping available.

More about the lakes

Fernstein and Sameranger Lakes are special and different from others by their green color, but the green color does not come from algae that is why the water is crystal clear. The water is coming with the melting snow in spring. The best time to go for diving is after snowmelt and till July, when water starts evaporating. But even in summer the water is so cold! If you are planning a summer trip, you will still need diving clothing, even if you plan just to snorkel.

Speaking about the crystal clear water

There is actually one more amazing lake in Austria – it is worldwide famous and more known as compare to Fernsteinsee and Samerangersee Lakes. It is Gruner See or Green Lake. It is located in the Styria region and this is the place that was attracting divers from all over the world for its emerald – green waters. Unfortunately, Green Lake has a ban for any water activities right now. It is not allowed to swim, dive or use a boat on the lake. You can read more information about it on this page: Gruner See Lake. That is why, Fernstein and Sameranger Lakes could be a good option for those, who still want to dive into this incredible underwater world of Austrian Nature. I will just remind you, that you can not do scuba diving, but you can use your mask and fins.

In conclusion

Tirol area is amazing. It is a great option for a summer vacation. Lakes, surrounded by mountains and forests, activities provided by the hotels, hiking and diving, underwater photography. This place should be on a diver’s bucket list for sure.

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