Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries

Destination Wedding on the beach

Did you know that destination weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries are not necessarily a beach vacation? Not necessarily a luxury cruise or Hawaii Islands? Here, at Travelrows LLC we think and see it different. What is our difference from others?

By the way, though we are different, we still book classic destination weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries 😉 Text to us or give us a call.

Our mail goal (just because we are a travel agency but not a wedding planner) is to help you pick the right destination. All organizational stuff goes after it. Think about it. If you choose to have a wedding somewhere other than your home town, it should be something that:

  1. Will make you both happy
  2. Will be remembered forever

Do not limit yourself by classics, trends and relatives opinions. You can choose absolutely any destination and add a wedding or honeymoon accent to it. But how? This is what we will help you with. You want to go to Iceland and watch Northern Lights for your honeymoon? Or dive? Or climb? Or an Island just for 2? Or a tent in the middle of nowhere with a bear checking out your food supply? Or volunteer? We will help you to put together your travel ideas and celebration. Be different! Surprise your guests. Let it be a WOW for you. Everything is possible 😉

Boring part. When destination is chosen, boring part starts. We will handle it as well. Planning, booking, checking everyone’s documents, taking care of all the travelers from their departure till arrival. No matter if you are just 2 or have tons of guests. We will take care of it all. We fly to the destination if needed ( you pay 😉 ).

Contact us with your questions and ideas

If you already have a wedding planner, let him/her contact us too.

Pricing. Though we book all vacations free of charge, we do charge money for weddings and honeymoons planning. It’s a hard work that takes a lot of time and communication with you, your event planner, your guests and other people involved. Please contact us for price list and payment options.

Main wedding, honeymoon and anniversary types of trips:

  • Resorts
  • Cruises

Popular romantic destinations:

  • Venice, Italy
  • Turks and Caicos, the Caribbean

Unusual places and destinations:

  • Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Iceland

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a wedding planner and destination wedding travel agent?

This is a very important question to answer. Everybody should do their job good or not do at all. We do not take wedding planner role. But we do solve organizational problems sometimes, if it is something we can do. Remember, all the communication have to be in writing, so you can always look it up, who and what is doing. I know, you want your wedding or honeymoon be perfect. Here is a small table that will help you:

Destination Wedding Travel Agent Role:Wedding Planner Role (only some, related to traveling are included):
Helps to choose destination, travel style and fits it to your budgetWorks at the destination, takes care of reception, ceremony and on-site events
Does all the travel related bookings: air and other types of tickets, accommodation, excursions, travel protection for the couple and all their guestsMeets, greets, takes care of rehearsal (if you have one), follows the whole event, makes sure everything goes smooth, stays in touch with the travel agent to make sure everyone arrives safe and sound and taken care of
Checks out religious, legal or symbolic options for chosen destination Arranges the wedding plans according to the information provided by travel agent so they follow legal, religious and other rules in the visited country
Provides destination wedding options, packages.Helps to customize them according to your needs and requirements.
Gets ready the content for Save the Date cards for all the guests, sends them out to make sure that everyone gets their travel information.Personalizes Save the Date cards, works together with the travel agent on them.
Lets you and your guests know about ceremony procedure, legal documentationsHires appropriate persons to perform the ceremony, makes sure
Provides travel documents, checks passports, answers guests questions related to travelingTakes care of food, drinks, entertainment, helps to get ready paperwork for marriage
Provides support during traveling, helps with travel changes of the couple of any of their guests, Provides a tour around the chosen resort, makes sure everyone is set up
Follows up until your safe arrival back home. Solves problems, happened during the trip. For example - forgotten items, communication with the resort, cruise line or tour operator. Takes care of photographer, clothing, make up, hair and any other possible needs.

Though a wedding planner and a travel agent do different things, they actually work together. If you are a wedding planner, who needs a travel agent, Contact Us.

What is the max. for people who can travel with us?

Though, there is no limit for the number of guests you want to invite to your destination wedding, you still have a budget and limited space on some of activities. We always advise to keep the list small and intimate.

Tell me more about Save the Date and Invitations?

As soon as you are ready to announce the place and time of traveling, we take care of the rest. As soon as cards are ready and provided to us, we send them out to your guests and make sure, that everyone got them. Other than that, you can inform your guests with our contact information right away, so they can contact us with all travel questions.

Can I visit the resort before the actual wedding part?

Yes you can! The best thing to do is to visit the destination with your wedding planner and your travel agent. It’s pricy as you have to pay for their tickets and stay, but if you can afford it, you will speed up all arrangements by communication with resort directly instead of long e-mails and calls, see the place with your own eyes, even have a tour to a few resorts on that shore or island. Sounds like fun! Speaking about the cost, some hotels offer packages at their minimum price for planning visits, the price later can be added to the booking.

How far in advance should I start planning and booking?

Ideally, is to plan as advance as possible. Though the earliest you can book air, a hotel or a cruise is usually 1 year before the event. Remember, that it takes a lot of time to plan before the actual booking. It is possible to make a last minute booking for classic destinations for smaller groups. For large groups of people early payments in full maybe required. Depends on a cruise line, resort or a tour operator.

Who pays for what?

When planning a destination wedding guests are invited. Believe me, your guests will be happy to join your event but probably worried about how much it will cost for them. Some couples pay for everything. But not everyone can afford it. Sometimes guests pay for their flights and hotels themselves. No matter which way you choose it to be, we will help your guests with traveling and accommodation. Just give them our contact information and we will let them know how it works. We will also provide them information and what is included and for what they have to pay extra during their trip.

Does group block has it advantages?

Sure it does! First of all, the best is to have a contracted group blog. A real document that proves your booking with the hotel. Advantages include:

  • Booking discounts for 10 rooms or more (number depends on a hotel)
  • Your rooms can not go to somebody else, they are hold for you
  • You may get extra free and complimentary stuff
  • Rooms are close to each other (if it’s possible at the moment of booking)
  • Your wedding planner has better idea of your guests and their needs

Is there something like a honeymoon planner?

As a honeymoon is a vacation for 2, usually wedding panner is not required. When it comes to honeymoons we handle it all. We will take care of your trip from A to Z. This includes personalized itinerary, planning, booking, adding celebrations, dinners and any other small things that makes you smile, concierge services, travel tips and recommendations to optimize your experience, customer support before, during and after travel for unexpected surprises or extra bookings.