Custom Wellness Tours and Programs, Retreat Booking Services

Yoga retreat in the mountains

Vacations and traveling in general are expected to be for resting, relaxing and getaways. When we plan a vacation, we hope to forget about work, stress, every day chores and responsibilities. Two weeks in Hawaii or one week in Iceland – sounds so perfect for that. But really, a lot of travelers come back home even more tired, especially if they travel with kids – airports, islands, hotels, sightseeings, buses, restaurants –  running after a guide or choosing the best gift for your cousin’s girlfriend. Sounds like your family travel style? 🙂

I hear you 🙂 Been there many times and trust me, traveling and recovering from stress is not the same. So what does Travelrows LLC offer to solve the problem?

On this page – all the information about Custom Wellness Travel Planning. Remember, everything we plan from this page – we focus on real body and soul restoration.

How does it work?

First of all, let me point the main steps:

  1. We get your information about the problems you want to solve on a wellness trip
  2. We offer a list of destinations that could solve your problem
  3. We help you to pick a resort or retreat – your main accommodation
  4. We build a wellness program that will include desired activities, treats
  5. We book your trip and support you 24/7 until you get back home

Who we help?

No matter, if you are a single traveler, a couple or a group of colleagues. We will find what suits you the best. Examples of the travelers we usually have:

  • A hard working woman/man of 35, needs 2 weeks, mostly oriented on Spa and massage and complete loneliness
  • A man/woman, who is into sports a lot and his muscles need a break
  • A family with kids, who would love to find a place where parents can have personal time and kids enjoy interaction with animals, exotic gardens, educational programs
  • A yoga class/club, that wants to enjoy yoga in some inspiring place
  • A divorced woman/man who needs some time to recover away from everyday problems
  • People with special needs who is seeking for a retreat and therapies like animal-assisted therapy and others
  • A person/group who is interested in health tourism and recovering from stress
  • Girls getaways
  • Corporate teams
  • Retired but young in soul

Disclaimer: Travelrows LLC does not sell any products related to medical and health tourism. We will take care of your wellness tour planning, reservations, scheduling, payments, customer support issues or changes in the itinerary.

Types of wellness activities

According to your request this or that activity can be added to your tour. Depending on destination and retreat, we inform you about available activities. We can include in your trip sightseeings or multiple destinations but remember, your purpose is NOT a beautiful picture for Instagram BUT personal healing and renewal and come back home ready to go on, whatever is waiting for you there. The most common and popular activities are:

  • All types of yoga retreats
  • All types of spa and massage retreats
  • Mountain skiing resorts
  • Beach islands with minimum population
  • Digital detox retreats
  • Weight loss and fitness retreats
  • Meditations and self-healing retreats
  • Spiritual retreats
  • Nature and wilderness retreats
  • Couples retreats
  • Adventure retreats
  • Quit smoking and drinking retreats
  • Mindfulness and awareness retreats
  • Ayurveda retreat
  • Rebalancing bodywork retreats
  • Body cleansing and detox programs

If you are looking for something special and rear, just let us know and we will try and find it and book it. Contact us for more information.


If it is your first time wellness retreat experience, you probably think of India. The truth is, the whole world has and opens more and more body and soul restoration resorts. People now understand, how important it is to take care of themselves. But just a “Spa near me” or “Yoga classes for beginners” after work is not enough. Sometimes you just have to disappear. And countries/places for disappearing offer more and more options. The most popular/suitable for restoration places are:

  • India
  • Thailand
  • New Zealand
  • Costa Rica
  • Portugal
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Cambodia
  • Shri Lanka
  • Vietnam

But, as I have mentioned – there are great options all over the world. Just let us know the country you want to go to, and we can plan a tour based on your preferred destination.

Important! If you have any health issues, physical or mental, it is important to consult your doctor first. Health retreats do not take responsibility if something happens to you during yoga, in sauna or on any other activities. You have to know your limits and follow your primary doctor advices. Purchasing travel insurance is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a wellness tour be active?

Absolutely! Hiking, biking, swimming, dancing – whatever you think will help you to calm your mind and refresh your body. Make sure, your health is suitable for those activities and you get the right travel insurance for that.

Are there any affordable or cheap options?

Unfortunately, wellness tours and programs are costly. Because your trip is not just air tickets and a hotel reservation. Every wellness retreat means healing activities and if you exclude them to try and save money, you will not be able to get all you planned. Think of how important it is to take care of yourself. And know, that it is always worth investing in yourself.

How can I make the trip cheaper?

If you were planning a family trip, you may consider to go on a basic cruise with your kids and then to a wellness retreat on your own. Hopefully your kids’ grandmas and grandpas understand how it is important for you to have a mental and physical break.

What is the difference between a health retreat and a wellness resort?

Many hotels and resorts offer wellness services such as spas, fitness centers, healthy eating, trending programs and other wellness related activities. Health retreat is more like a program that includes custom activities and therapies, according to your needs. Wellness resort more about to move and energize, while health retreat is more about healing experience.