Custom Itineraries and Trips (Tailor-Made, Private, Personalized Routes)

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Travelrows LLC builds unique/custom itineraries all over the world for individuals or groups. We design custom, personalized routes and private tours from A to Z. It can be a solo trip, escorted group or other options according to your request.

Why you need a custom itinerary?

There are a lot of ready tours provided by huge travel operators or cruise lines. We sell them too. And we do NOT charge any fees for booking them. Unfortunately, ready to buy tours often do not match your requirements. Another thing – they are often more expensive. Main reasons to order a custom itinerary:

  • you have only certain days to travel
  • you have a limited budget
  • you want to travel faster/slower
  • you have certain sightseeings in your mind
  • there are no ready tours with your desired locations

Those are just examples. Sometimes you just do not want to be a part of a bus tour and a private tour is way too expensive. Nowadays travelers got used to plan everything themselves, online. It is overwhelming, takes a lot of time and fear to miss out the main attractions, fun activities or important spots. Reading reviews and picking out the best hotel, restaurant or transportation takes forever. Let us do it for you.  

Services and pricing

There are 2 types of pricing that we apply:

Basic and All-inclusive

Basic plan – $20 per travel day

All-inclusive plan – $40 per travel day

Check out this table for details:

Basic PlanningAll-inclusive Planning
Accommodations Accommodations
-Private Guides
-VIP Services
In-Destination SupportIn-Destination Support

*Note – we do NOT charge fees for booking services. Whatever we book for you, we get a commission from tour/cruise provider. You pay us only for planning.

With every trip plan you get:

  • The best flights (if you know your dates)
  • The best way to get here or there
  • Day by day itinerary
  • Addresses, working hours, prices, check in, check out times
  • Links to official websites, reviews, guides, maps
  • Booking services
  • Extra tips, advices, maps if available, app recommendations, important phone numbers, safety information and so on.

Examples and Testimonials

With the permission of our clients we publish some of previously built itineraries on this website. This will give you some idea of how we work:

7 day trip to Russia

2 days in New York for a first time visitor

Turkey and Greece in one trip

By the way, we not only help with planning a route. We help to pick destinations by their location. For example – if you visit Australia once in a lifetime, most likely you would want to include New Zealand in your trip. Do not miss out amazing places near by your main destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a custom itinerary without booking services?

Absolutely! If you are perfectly fine to do your own bookings and just need a personalized trip planning, we will be happy to do it for you.

I need a custom group tour for my yoga class, can you help with that?

Yes! Please visit our page about group booking services for details.

I am not sure which plan to choose, basic or all-inclusive?

In this case we recommend choosing the basic plan. With the basic planning you still get our All Ways Customer Support during your trip. We will not leave you frustrated in the middle of nowhere 🙂