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Request a quote for any type of a cruise – ocean, sea, river, lake – whichever you like! We will be happy to help you with finding and booking the best cruise tour, cruise line or a combined package that includes a cruise for your family, friends or an interest group.

! We do NOT charge service fee or additional commission. You pay only for the cruise!

! Attention. We currently do not sell Cuba destination. More information on Cuba restrictions is here:

Destinations we work with:

  • Africa
  • Africa and Arabia
  • Adriatic
  • Arctic
  • Alaska
  • Alaska / Gulf N & S
  • Alaska / Northbound
  • Alaska / Southbound
  • Antarctica
  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Australia / South Pacific
  • Bahamas
  • Bahamas – Bermuda
  • Bahamas – Florida
  • Baja Mexico
  • Bermuda
  • Canada and New England
  • Canadian Maritimes and St. Lawrence Seaway
  • California Coast
  • Caribbean
  • Eastern Caribbean
  • Southern Caribbean
  • Western Caribbean
  • Caribbean and Panama Canal
  • Cook Islands and Society Islands
  • Costa Rica and Panama Canal
  • Costa Maya
  • Cuba
  • Cuba and Florida
  • Cuba and Bahamas
  • Cuba and Caribbean
  • Cyprus
  • Dubai / Emirate
  • Dubai India
  • Egypt
  • East Coast
  • Europe
  • Europe / Med
  • Europe / Trans – Atlantic
  • Northern Europe
  • Fiji and Bali
  • Fiji, Tonga, Cook and Society Islands
  • Galapagos
  • Glacier Bay
  • Greece
  • Greek Islands
  • Havana
  • Hawaii
  • Hawaii / Tahiti
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • India / Africa
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • Maiami
  • Maine Coast and Canadian Harbors
  • Marquesas, Tuamotus and Society Islands
  • Mediterranean
  • Mexico
  • Mexican Riviera
  • New Zealand
  • North America
  • Panama Canal
  • Panama Canal + Mexico
  • Pacific Coastal
  • Polynesian
  • Puerto Plata
  • Russia
  • Society Islands and Tahiti Iti
  • Society Islands and Tuamotus
  • South America
  • South America and Amazon
  • South Pacific
  • South Pacific and Tahiti
  • Tahiti
  • Tahiti and the Society Islands
  • Trans-ocean
  • Transatlantic
  • Trans Atlantic Westbound
  • Trans Atlantic Eastbound
  • Transpacific
  • Trans Panama Canal
  • Turkey
  • World Cruise

Special Destinations:

  • Grand Voyages (Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line and Oceania Cruise Line)
  • Special Voyages (Carnival Cruise Line)
  • Transoceanic Crossings (Carnival Cruise Line)
  • Ocean Crossings (Windstar Cruises)
  • Star Collector Voyages (Windstar Cruises)
  • Exotics (Princess Cruise Line)
  • Coastal (Seabourn and Holland America)
  • Orient / Asia (Seabourn and Holland America)
  • Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island)
  • Weekend (Norwegian Cruise Line)
  • Cuba Cultural Voyage (Pearl Seas Cruises)
  • Secret Location ( Virgin Voyages)

If you don’t see a desired destination here, please contact us!

Cruise Lines we work with:

Note: All cruise lines below are CLIA members. For your safety we do not work with non-accredited companies.

  • Azamara Club Cruises
  • Blount Small Ship Adventures
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours
  • Celebrity Cruise Line
  • Celestyal Cruises
  • Costa Cruise Line
  • Crystal Cruises
  • Cunard Line
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Holland America Line
  • MSC Cruises
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Oceania Cruises
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises
  • Pearl Seas Cruises
  • PONANT Yacht Cruises and Expeditions
  • Princess Cruises
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Seabourn
  • SeaDream Yacht Club
  • TUI Cruises
  • Silversea Cruises
  • Viking Ocean Cruises
  • Virgin Voyages
  • Windstar Cruises

River Cruises:

  • AmaWaterways
  • Avalon Waterways
  • Riviera River Cruises
  • American Cruise Line
  • Emerald Waterways
  • Tauck River Cruises
  • Viking River Cruises

If you don’t see a desired company or a cruise line in this list, contact us!

River and Coastal Destinations:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Dutch and Belgian Waterways
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Luxemburg
  • Mississippi River
  • New England
  • Pacific Northwest and Alaska
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Southeast
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • The Netherlands

Destinations by River Name:

  • Danube
  • Dordogne
  • Douro
  • Garonne
  • Main
  • Moselle
  • Rhine
  • Rhone
  • Seine

Special River Destinations:

River Cruises for Solo Travelers (Riviera River Cruises)

Lake Destinations:

  • Great Lakes
  • Great Lakes and Georgian Bay

We sell Cruisetours from:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Windstar Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean International
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises

Cruisetours Destinations:

  • Washington DC
  • Alaska

Theme Cruises:

Wine tasting, Beer tasting, Wellness, Media,  Sport participants, Sport fans, Women Only, Singles, LGBTQ+, Religious, Political, Art, Photography, Gambling, Nature, Music, History, Holidays, Gardening, Charity, Food, Dance, Fitness, Finances, Crafting, Entertainment, Auto and Moto.

Theme Cruises by American Cruise Line: 

Holiday, Lewis & Clark, Fall Foliage, Civil War, Mark Twain, Tulip Festival, Cherry Blossom, Music, Food & Wine, Lobsterbake, Crabfest.

Theme Cruises by Disney Cruise Line:

Halloween on the High Seas, Thanksgiving at Sea, Christmas with Very Merrytime Cruises, New Year’s Eve, Marvel Day at Sea, Star Wars Day at Sea.

If you are looking for some other theme that is not listed here, please contact us!

Cruise Lines that offer Themed Cruises:

Windstar Cruises

Other types of cruises

Repositioning cruises

Cruises to nowhere

Frequently Asked Questions:

Note: Every question and answer here deserves a separate article, that would explain it in details. Here only answers in short and under each answer you can find a link to the article.

Are cruises considered to be affordable?

Yes! Cruises CAN be affordable and cheap! As stated above, Travelrows LLC works with more than 30 cruise lines that offer the most luxurious and the cheapest options to spend your time sailing. All inclusive concept explains why cruises can be affordable – you pay once and get a room, meals, entertainment and other on-board activities like all the others on the ship. And you don’t have to pay for extra activities if you want to save money. Please read this article for details: How cruise prices are formed?

Why you don’t book AIDA cruises?

AIDA cruises have only German language on board, including safety instructions. For those reasons they do not register English speaking agencies. How to book a cruise with AIDA? If you are German speaking person, you can call their call center at +49 381 20270777 number and book a cruise yourself.

How many days I can cruise?

It’s totally up to you. With this huge cruise choice you can go for 2 nights or 2 months and even longer. Send me a request if you are tight on dates and we will find what fits you.

Are there any cruises without a passport?

The only cruise in the US that does not require passport belongs to Norwegian Cruise Line to Hawaii. Please visit their official website for details: and you can always get more info at Border Security for related questions.

What about safety on the cruises now?

All the crew members are trained for emergency situations and first aid certified. They are ready to prevent any dangerous situations and respond on time. Every cruise is equipped with 125% of the number of people on board with survival life crafts, boats, rafts. Before any departure world conditions are monitored and the trip is planned accordingly. There is a transparency in crime reporting, regardless of the ship’s location and flag.

What places I can travel when cruising?

Now travelers have a really huge choice of ports to visit. About 2000 worldwide. And most of destinations have access by water. Curious what ports and destinations? Visit this page for more information: A list of destinations and ports for cruise ideas.

Are there small ships for cruising?

Yes! When thinking of a cruise we usually imagine a huge white ship over 1000 feet long, that looks more like a city rather than a transportation type. Though there is a good choice of yacht-like ships for private tours under 100 people. Contact me for finding one of them! And visit this page to learn more about cruise ship types and sizes: Types of ships and yachts for cruising.

Is it a better option to book an air-sea cruise? 

Main advantage of an air-sea cruise is the price. The package may include fight, transportation and baggage handling which allows it to be cheaper than if you would buy it all separate on your own. Read more about it here: What is an air-sea cruise?

Are there any last minute cruises?

Yes! Though, I would advice to book your cruise in advance in order to get exactly what you want, there is a still a good chance to get a cheap offer when booking on short notice. Is it worth it? Only in case if you have to head out on your vacation right now. Why? First of all, you will have to deal with what is left. Secondly – you can get really good discounts on early booking and you have a better choice of a room and any other options you and your family would require. Read more about it here: How to book a cruise by time and budget?

What documents I need for a cruise?

Documents depend on your destination. Before booking a cruise, I will provide you a list of required documents. If you don’t have enough time to get ready all the documents but still want to go on a cruise for your vacation I will help you to find a local option with less documents. Please check this page for more information: Documents that are required for a cruise vacation.

Will I get the same services if I choose a cheap room?

Yes! These days the cost of a cruise mostly depends on a room type, size and it’s location. The services included in a tour are the same for all. Even if you pick the cheapest room you will use all of the ship’s facilities. Extra paid services are extra for everyone as well. Please note, that it’s still useful to read tour details just to make sure you get everything you want.

Are cruises boring? 

Nope! You may think that when sailing from one port to another it’s pretty boring just to walk along the ship, sunbathe and eat. It depends on what are your expectations. But if you want more entertainment, facilities and activities – choose a city-type (floating resort) ship and you will be surprised how much time you will need to discover it all. Read more about all the possible activities on the ship here: What to do on a ship? All possible activities and cruise lines that offer them.

What do people do in ports?

The main thing to decide is if you want to explore ports on your own or you prefer shore excursions. The rest totally depends on where you are going and what you want to see. If you care about discovering new places, it’s better to decide what you want to see in advance. I help with custom itineraries planning. Let’s say, you will visit this or that port and you don’t want to stick to standard shore excursion. Drop me a line and I will get ready a custom plan for you.

How comfortable is it on a ship with kids?

If you travel with kids and you want to enjoy your vacation ( not fun to babysit all your once a year vacation) just choose a cruise ship with tons of kids activities. Disney Cruise Line is really cool but there are definitely lots of other cruise lines that offer kids activities rooms where you can leave them safe and sound and relax a little bit on your own. Teens is another question. Teens can be bored with kids activities. Make sure that chosen cruise line offers activities for teenagers. Check here more details: What cruise lines offer for kids and teens?

At what time do you go to bed on a cruise?

Good news! Night is the best time to have fun on a cruise. Parties, nightclubs, movies, contests, lecturers, shows, casinos. If you are looking for a night life on a cruise, you are perfectly fine to sleep during the day and enjoy nights. By the way, I just want to remind, that on a cruise ship there is no charge for entertainment. Access to any of them is included in your tour price.

Is that ok to go on a cruise alone?

Yes! It’s very easy to communicate on a ship, where the space is limited and this or that way you meet the same people every day at the pool, at dinner or at any of cruise activities. It’s easy to make new friends or even fall in love. And what’s great, cruises bring together people who have same interests. I won’t be surprised if you plan your next trip with one of the travelers from this journey. Do you need help finding the right cruise according to your interests? Just drop me a line!

What to pack for a cruise? 

Getting ready for a cruise can be very different, depending on where you are going and what type of a ship it will be. Traveling and packing with kids is different too. But you don’t have to buy some special clothes for your cruise. Some ships offer tuxedo rental services. Please check my articles related to it. Some of them:

Can I bring electric devices with me?

Rooms of most ships has 110 volt outlets. You can bring your hair dryer or shaver and you can also check online what is in your type of room, maybe it’s already included.

What are food options on a ship?

First of all, as meals are included in the tour, any cruise line will make sure that you get enough food. Both, at day and at night there are some options to eat, to snack and to drink. The only thing that may differ – seating time. When booking, decide, if you want to eat early or late. This way everyone will fit into diving rooms and have enough space and meals. Restaurant and bar choices can differ from ship to ship. Details – as usually when choosing a tour. By the way, if you are looking for a good company and friends, choose large tables and if you are looking for some privacy – small ones. So easy! By the way, it is useful to learn in advance types of menus they may have. If you need something special like vegetarian, salt-free, Kosher, probably most ships have it, just make sure before you pay for the trip. Read this article, if you want to learn more about menus on a ship: What to eat on a cruise?

Are there areas for smoking on ships?

Yes, there are. Dining areas are non-smoking but there is always a place to smoke like in lounges and other special areas for that.

Is there anything for special occasions?

Yes, it works the same as if you booked a hotel. When booking, you have to make a special request if you need help with celebrating a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon or any other important event for you and your family. On some ships you can even find programs like marriage ceremony. Even the desired event is not mentioned in your tour description, it never hurts to ask, they may have a positive answer for you.

Is there internet connection on a ship?

Oh yes, you and your teens should not worry about staying in touch with this world. Satellite internet connection, shipwide Wi-Fi is a normal thing on a modern cruise. You can connect to it from your own device or to go to the internet cafe.

How to tip on a ship?

The easiest way to tip on ships now is to allow automatic deduction from your account. If it’s not for you, tip for your room steward a few dollars and ship personnel for the extra requested services. Read more about tipping on a ship here: How much should I tip in a cruse?

Is there a doctor and a pharmacy store on ships?

Every ship has medical facilities equipped with medicines and professional to help you in case if you get sick 24 hours a day. Physicians provide life support, cardiovascular care and even minor surgical procedures. There is a chance of 1% of getting norovirus on a ship, it is advised to wash your hands well for preventing it. Every cruise ship that come to or goes from the US ports is inspected by Centers and Disease Control and Prevention for safety.

Do they have laundry service aboard?

Yes! Unfortunately, dry-cleaning and professional laundry services are for extra charge. But you can use self-service launderettes, if there are any on the ship. If it’s important for you, make sure they have any before booking.

Are there any discounts for group bookings?

Yes. If you are booking a cruise for a large group there are special reduced rates. But not every time and it may depend on season. Please contact me for the best deals. Cruise ships have everything to make sure that your group can not only have rest but to work and have meetings, including audio-video equipment.

How to extend a cruise?

There are extra land packages that you can arrange before or after the cruise, that includes hotel reservations and stopovers.

What if I have a motion discomfort on the ship?

Modern ships have a built in stabilizers. If you are very sensitive and get seasickness, try to follow these rules:

  • choose a big ship
  • shoose a cabin with a sea view in the middle of the ship
  • get Dramamine medicine with you
  • ginger candies and braslets can help, but not for everyone
  • choose a calm destination without bad weather

Are there any parking options to leave my car?

Yes! Each port has it’s outdoor parking with security. But it’s paid. For more information you can google it of just contact me.

Are there age restrictions for a cruise?

If you are under 21 and planning to go sailing alone, please check cruise line age requirements before booking. Every cruise line has its conditions. For example, if you are a newly married couple (and one of you is under 21) and planning a honeymoon, you may need to take your marriage certificate with you. If you need help to figure out this question, just contact me!

What are the restrictions for pregnant women?

It’s allowed to sail up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Not fun right? But yeah, it’s for your safety.

What is the availability for wheelchairs and strollers?

At most cruise lines you have to bring your own. There are special wheelchairs for getting on and off the ship. But not for use during it. Some cruise line may have some extra options like rentals, I can help to figure it out before your booking.

Are visitors allowed onboard?

If you want somebody to walk in like it would be in a hotel – no. This is all for your security. Exceptions can be make for weddings and other special arrangements for groups. I will have to contact a cruise line for each request separately.

Are there any restrictions for casinos?

Yes. Casinos are closed during sailing through Alaska and Hawaii. In international waters it’s opened.

Are there safes in rooms?

Yes! Each room has a mini-safe where you can keep your valuables.

How to get ready for the “muster drill”?

Muster drill is a requirement and usually starts before departure or shortly after it. It is for your security but even if you don’t know anything about it you should not worry. You will be given instructions right there and it will last about 15-20 minutes. Read more about it here: What is a muster drill on a ship?

What is the best way to decide which cruise I need?

Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide, which cruise destination, ship or line to choose. Especially if you go for the first time. Feel free to use my consulting services or read information on our website – . It will save you time and money, you will learn more about cruising and find out a lot about types of cruising. I share this information in my articles but if you need a custom research, I will be happy to do it for you.

If you have any other questions please ask them in comments or text me to + 1 703 983 8613

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