Cruises From Fiji – Suva and Lautoka Ports Departures Only

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The are a lot of exotic islands in the South Pacific Ocean. And there are a lot of cruises that go around them. Unfortunately, all those cruises start in big cities and ports. For example, Brisbane, Auckland, Sydney. In this article I want to share information about cruise lines that depart from Fiji.


Because there are travelers that go to the islands for their vacations and during land vacation they want to get on a cruise around. And if before, there was such an option as a partial cruise, now cruise lines do not offer it. So you can not hop on and off the islands/countries like Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, American Samoa, Wallis and Futuna in the middle of the South Pacific Cruise any more. You either have to get a flight to Australia or New Zealand or search for local cruises that depart from the islands.

Travelrows LLC will be happy to help you with booking cruises from Fiji below:

What cruise lines depart from Fiji?

As I have mentioned above, there are a lot of cruise lines that go around islands and countries in the South Pacific but only 4 of them (all luxury) have departures from Fiji. Currently, they are:

  • Windstar cruises
  • Paul Gaugin
  • Silversea
  • Seabourn

There are 2 main ports for cruise departures – Suva, the capital and Lautoka. There are cruises that offer round trip or one way. When it is one way, you will still have to get back but it is better, that if you have 2 flights – to and from Australia or New Zealand. Let’s look at them in details by a cruise line, departure port and duration.

Please note, the information below is valid for the day of publishing this article. Please contact us or visit cruise lines’ official websites for updated itineraries.

Windstar cruises

Windstar cruises have Lautoka departures only from Fiji. Currently there are the following options to book:

  1. Fiji – Vanuatu – New Caledonia, 8 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Noumea (New Caledonia).
  2. Fiji – Vanuatu – New Caledonia – Coral Sea, 15 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Cairns (Australia).
  3. Melanesia – Australia – Indonesia, 31 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Benoa (Indonesia).
  4. South Pacific, 45 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Singapore.
  5. Polynesia, 15 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Papeete (French Polynesia).
  6. Polynesia, 22 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Papeete (French Polynesia).

Paul Gaugin

Paul Gaugin cruises also has only Lautoka port for Fiji departures. They also have cruises that start in Society Islands and end in Fiji. Contact us for more info.

  1. Fiji – Bali, 16 nights. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Bali (Indonesia).
  2. Fiji – Tonga – Cook Islands – Society Islands, 12 nights. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Papeete (Tahiti, Society Islands).


Same with the Silversea cruises. If you want to depart from Fiji, you need to get to Lautoka.

  1. Lautoka – Cairns, 17 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Cairns (Australia).
  2. Lautoka – Cairns, 14 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Cairns (Australia).
  3. Lautoka – Papeete, 12 days. From Lautoka (Fiji) to Papeete (French Polynesia).


Currently there is 1 option from from Suva port and it is offered by Seabourn.

  1. Pearls of the South Pacific, 21 day. From Suva (Fiji) to San Francisco (California, USA)

Just a reminder

Those are rear cruises and have just a few dates a year. You have to be pretty flexible to catch up with one of them. If you want to include a cruise from Fiji around the South Pacific islands in your vacation, my advise – to pick a cruise first and then to plan flights and hotels around it.

What are the prices?

Please contact us for prices. The cost changes a lot depending on departure dates, duration and itinerary. There are last minute deals as well, that can not be used as a price example. Plus, some cruise lines offer a package cruise+flights, then price may seem higher but it is cheaper as compare to separate bookings.

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