Corporate Travel Agent Services for Small Businesses

Traveling business man

We welcome all small business owners to our website and this page to get to know more about travel management and why to outsource it. Why a small business owner would need a travel agent and why it is better with Travelrows LLC? What types of services we provide, how it works and answers to many other questions for those, who want to save time on booking business travel.

Why small businesses?

Travelrows LLC currently works only with small businesses. We like the idea of supporting small business and provide high quality services at the lowest rates. If you go to any random corporate travel agency, the fees make you feel like you better do it yourself. Contracts make you feel dependable and all the monthly payments you do just never pay for themselves.

Note: for bigger companies we offer Concur Travel, which is perfect for big company travel management. Please contact us if you are interested and need help with it.

Our main advantages for small businesses:

  • We work with any type of small businesses ( sole proprietors too)
  • We take care of the smallest tasks, no job is too small for us
  • We charge minimum fees (sometimes do not charge at all)
  • We serve other people related to your business (not only employees) and your guests, clients
  • Personalized travel management (we do not have standard plans and tariffs. Everything is tailored for your company)

Types of travel services we provide for small companies

Our main goal is to help you outsource your travel related stuff from A to Z. Planning, booking, traveling, rescheduling, cancellations and of course, problem solving. No matter where you travel, we do our best:

  • Travel consulting and planning
  • Travel booking (air tickets, hotels, car rentals, conferences, whatever you may need)
  • Customer support
  • Travel paperwork
  • Communication with travelers
  • Travel expense management
  • Group travel booking
  • Corporate retreats, vacations, parties
  • International travel support
  • Travel policy control and adjustment

How does it work?

Much easier than it would be if you contacted any other corporate travel agency. We want to make it as simple as possible and take all your travel concerns on us. Still, you do not have to outsource all about travel to us. You can just give us a part, that takes the most of your time or where you need professional  help most of all. Look at this check list and see, what you may need:

Note: we are able to manage all your travel needs remotely, so it does not really matter in which US state you are. Please check our About Us page for exclusions.

  1. First contact and figuring out what you and your company needs
  2. We create travel management plan for you according to your needs
  3. We calculate our time expenses for your needs and figure out a fee (or no fee at all)
  4. We check your travel policy and if you don’t have any help creating it
  5. We do bookings, get ready paperwork, contact travelers
  6. We provide customer support along the trip and watch your trip
  7. We provide on-demand reports and results, optimize travel expenses, provide quality control

Note: All the information about you and your company is stored securely and safely.

VIP Services we provide at extra cost:

  • Priority response
  • Personal assistant services
  • Travel concierge services
  • Meet and greet services

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there special business rates when booking with suppliers and planning itineraries?

From 1 local flight to complicated travel itineraries we give you a great choice and flexibility with our incomparable supplier content. You can be sure that we give you the best options with our extensive travel inventory, business focused amenities and group discount rates.

How small or big can be a group to get a group discount?

We understand, that small businesses very often have 1,2 or 3 persons. Unfortunately, the number of persons in a group depends on a supplier. Most of the suppliers consider a group 10 people or more. Though, it is still possible to find less in requirements and with a call it can be taken down. That is why it is so important to use a travel agent. When a travel agent talks to a supplier, he/she can get much better options for a small company.

Do you take care of flight tracking and notifications?

Yes! If your flight is cancelled or delayed we get notification and provide assistance with rebooking and connections. All this is included in our rock-star customer support.

Contact Us for any questions or requests. We will be happy to provide more information about business travel management with Travelrows LLC.