Consulting Services and Search Requests

Travel directions signs

One of the most important goals for our company is to provide exceptional travel advisor services. Other than that, you can find here tons of useful information about all kinds of traveling and countries.

Please note! We do NOT charge any money for booking tours or cruises!

Consulting services we provide:

  • General travel information
  • Types of tours, packages, vacations
  • How and where to travel with kids
  • How to find the best deals
  • Help with choosing accommodation
  • Help with choosing an air company
  • Help with choosing a cruise line

These are just a few examples. If you have your own questions or request, please contact us!

“Find it!” requests:

We provide one more service, which is called “Find it!” In this case, you send us a request to find some travel information in internet or about the company/tour/city/attractions/souvenirs, reviews and so on. We send you a quote and if you confirm it, start working on your project. Search in other languages is available.


All consulting and “Find It!” services are provided by encrypted video calls or emails. We charge hourly and reply you with a quote within 1 day.

What you pay for:

My expertise, knowledge and industry connections all over the world.