Consulting Services, Travel Coaching and Search Requests

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One of the most important goals for our travel company is to provide individual exceptional travel advisor services. Other than that, you can find on our website tons of useful information about all kinds of traveling and countries.

Please note!

  • We do NOT charge any money for booking tours or cruises
  • All calls, e-mails and chats ARE encrypted for your privacy
  • We LOVE to help and we are passionate about travel consulting

Consulting services

Travel consulting is a paid service based on providing individual online or offline meeting or e-mails/chats/phone calls communications. Main goal of consulting is to provide you travel information based on your requirements, interests, questions and so on. Consulting service means that you ask questions and we answer them.

Travel Coaching

Travel coaching is different from consulting. In consulting services you get more details about a certain destination, hotels, flights, sightseeings, attractions and travel tips related to this or that travel itinerary. When it comes to coaching – it is more of a teaching you how to travel – air, water or ground. How to book. How to explore. It is more about learning how to get the most of a trip

Sustainability and green travel

We will help you to develop new travel experiences and teach you a sustainable way of traveling – be a conscious traveler, travel in harmony with nature, local people and yourself. Respect to other cultures, knowing and following the rules of visited countries, flora and fauna care and many other useful things.

Search requests

We provide one more service – research.  In this case, you send us a request to find some travel information in internet or about the company, tour, city, attractions, souvenirs, reviews and so on. We send you a quote and if you confirm it, start working on your project. Search in other languages is available.

1-800 and similar lines calls

If you can not get through a line calling a tour operator, cruise line or any other travel service, we save your time and do it for you. Let us know the information you need to find out, we will stay in line on a call for as many hours as needed and get what you need.

Why would you need travel consulting, coaching or research?

* People work most of the time. If you go on a vacation once a year, you want to get the most of it.  You pay a lot of money for your trip. Again, you want to get the most of it. We will help you to learn how to enjoy traveling, not suffer during it.

* Some people just start traveling. Or not very good at googling. Or a senior, who is looking for a safe travel alone. When planning a trip at some point you ask yourself, what is next? And you don’t know. Ask us, we are happy to work with the smallest questions that we answer for free and we are ready to guide you life long as a life coach would do.

* Some people just want a professional to lead them. We use professionals in many fields of our life. We use a career specialist to choose a school, we use a realtor to buy a home, we go to a nutritionist for a healthy weight loss. Why not to get an advice on how to travel wise from a travel advisor?

How to apply?

Please contact us by e-mail and provide the following information:

  • Type of service you need (consulting, coaching or research)
  • Preferred type of communication
  • Your main concern, request, what you are looking for


We charge hourly or per project and reply you with a quote within 1-2 days. Depends on the time of the day you contact us or your time zone.

What you pay for:

You pay for the travel information from a professional. You pay for our expertise, knowledge and industry connections all over the world. We save you time, we educate you, we make your travel easy and enjoyable. We help you to get the most from your travel, amazing experience and great memories.

Payment methods:

You can pay by a credit card (we send invoice and a link for payment ) or by Paypal.