Colombia vs Peru Travel Comparison and Highlights

Colombia vs Peru

If you have to make a choice where to travel – Colombia or Peru, check out our comparison table and article. It will help you with the questions like:

  • Where to go first
  • Which one is better
  • Which one is cheaper

Pus a bonus question – Should I just visit both on my way to South America as they have a common border?

Colombia and Peru on the map:

Colombia vs Peru comparison table:

Flag Colombia FlagPeru Flag
Capital BogotáLima
Spanish + English in
San Andrés, Santa Catalina, Providencia
Size Area - 1,141,748 km2
Population - 49,996,445
Area - 1,285,216 km2
Population - 32,495,510
Currency PesoSol
WeatherAbout the same, slightly coolerAbout the same
Driving sideRightRight
Main, famous
1. Cartagena
2. Medellin
3. Eje Cafetero
4. Tayrona National
Natural Park
5. Bogotá
6. The Lost City
7. Caño Cristales
8. Providencia Island
9. La Guajira Peninsula
10. Hacienda Nápoles
1. Machu Picchu
2. The Inca Trail
3. Lake Titicaca
4. Cusco's Architectural Treasures
5. Colca Canyon
6. Nazca Lines
7. The Sacred Valley
8. Arequipa City Center
9. Lima's Plaza de Armas
10. Ica and Sand Dunes
Tourist VolumeLessMore
Tours Options
Access to
FoodAbout the sameAbout the same
Remote Work
SafetyAbout the sameAbout the same
Travel cost,
getting there
About the sameAbout the same
Prices thereCheaperMore expensive
Ocean accessWorseBetter
List of cities
for long stay
1. Armenia
2. Barranquilla
3. Bogota
4. Bucaramanga
5. Ibague
6. Cali
7. Cartagena
8. Manizales
9. Medellin
10. Periera
1. Arequipa
2. Ayacucho
3. Iquitos
4. Cusco
5. Lima
6. Puno
7. Trujillo
8. Ica
9. Nazca
10. Huaraz
Transportation About the sameAbout the same
Amazon travel About the sameAbout the same
Overall conclusion Columbia is better
for long stay and
cultural experience
Peru is better for families
and organized tours

Main attractions

Both countries are definitely tie in amazing attractions and nature wonders. Though, if you start comparing the names, you will recognize a lot in Peru and Colombian names will sound like you have never heard of them. Yes, Machu Picchu is a place, where everyone wants to go at least once in a lifetime. But believe me, Colombian attractions worth visiting 100% . Another reason, why Peru is winning – is easy access to the best sightseeings and trails. But Colombia is working on it.

Transportation options

The main way of transportation around the countries are buses. Though, it is not that luxury escorted Europe tour that you could think of. Winding roads, mountains and cliffs make it even worse. Remember about air travel. It’s very affordable in both countries. Their low cost airlines doing a good job. Train system is better in Peru and offers much more options for tourists to get to the main attractions.

Accommodation, hotels

When it comes to pricing, hotels are more expensive in Peru. Cheaper in Columbia. But what about their quality, safety and uniqueness? In Peru you will find better options for accommodations, actually, it about a larger choice rather than quality. But in general, both countries offer lots of affordable hotels close to main attractions and beaches.

Beach Vacations

In our comparison table beach access winner is Peru. Though, Colombia has greater Caribbean beaches. But if you look at the map and the capital, Lima is right on the beach. It is important to have an easy beach access from the capital, then you can do both, beach vacations and top sightseeings. Going on a cruise is a better idea for enjoying Colombian beaches.

More about prices

One of the main comparisons are prices of course. South America is in general an affordable place to travel. But which is cheaper, Colombia or Peru? When it comes to paying for hotels, restaurants and entertainment, Colombia is definitely cheaper than Peru. If you are looking for a long travel and diving into local culture – Colombia will fit your budget better.

Who is the winner, Peru or Colombia?

If you are looking for a more tourist friendly place, the winner for you will be Peru. Lots of tourist friendly trails, easy access to nature wonders, big choice of tours from locals. If you are looking for a long stay, remote work and travel, independent exploring – Colombia is better for you. Also, it will be fair to mention, that tourism in Colombia is increasing and soon can become as popular and touristic as Peru.

So, why you should visit both of them?

If you have time and money to visit both countries, Do it! Colombia and Peru have a lot in common when it comes to traveling:

  • Nature wonders
  • Stunning scenery
  • Hiking trails
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Unique Latin cultures

If you are into all that, you will definitely like both Peru and Colombia. Why to pay twice for air tickets? Just find out how to get from Peru to Colombia or vice versa. By the way, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru are the best countries to visit if you are heading to Galapagos Islands, but about that – in our next articles 🙂

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