Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Clifton Hill, Canada

Located in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Clifton Hill is a popular destination. Clifton Hill is just a street, which is close to Niagara Falls and Niagara River. It extends from River Road to Victoria Avenue.

Clifton Hill is such a hotspot because it is here that tourists will find numerous gift shops, haunted houses, restaurants, hotels, wax museums, and other attractions. It is also the center of nightlife action in the Niagara Falls area.

Clifton Hill on the map:

Some of the more popular attractions include a 4D theatre, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Niagara Sky Wheel Ferris Wheel, and the Guinness World Records Museum. On Clifton Hill, you will also find Dinosaur Park Mini Golf, Movie Land Wax Museum, The Great Canadian Midway, The FX Thrill Ride Theatre, The Falls Tower Ride, and more. Clifton Hill is suitable for children and adults. There is something for everyone.

While owners of businesses on Clifton Hill have come and gone, there currently are two primary property owners: Niagara Clifton Group and Harry Oakes Company.

The land where Clifton Hill resides was acquired in 1782 by the Phillip Bender family. It was a part of the United Empire Loyalist Land Grant. Ogden Creighton purchased the land in 1832. He was a British Army officer, and it was he who laid out streets and building lots. He also gave it the name of Clifton and many believe this was a name taken from Clifton which resides in Bristol, England, located on the River Avon.

Creighton erected Clifton Cottage, which faced the American Falls. Today, the Quality Inn sits where the cottage was originally built. However, Creighton Hill and the cottage are an integral part of history. In 1838 the cottage was used as a military detachment. The Creighton family remained in the Niagara Falls area, however, until around 1840.

Creighton Hill, as we now know it, was once called Ferry Road. This was because it was so close to the ferry system and the boat docks. The first hotel was erected on Ferry Road in 1833, and Clifton Place, which was an estate that covered 52 acres, was started in 1842, however the owner was killed after the foundation was laid. The fountain that was built on the property still exists to this day, however, and can be seen from the Northern end of Queen Victoria Park.

The property changed hands several more times until John Bush purchased it. He finished building the mansion on Clifton Hill, and the property was held by him, followed by his daughter, until 1928, at which time it was sold to Harry Oakes. It was during the 1920s that the property saw growth for the purpose of tourism. It was not until the 1960s however that the real building boom started.

Again, Clifton Hill is a major tourist attraction, so you should expect crowds. However, it is located nicely, and it is just a one block walk to the falls. There are over 35 Niagara Falls related attractions, and there are commonly events and special entertainment planned, including festivals and concerts.

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