The Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Yuma, AZ

Nature of Yuma, Arizona

Yuma, Arizona is a city with a long and interesting history, on the banks of the Colorado River. This settlement, basking in the sunshine, is rich in southwestern heritage and culture. But is it really the destination for you? Read on to find out more. The Pros of Visiting Yuma Yuma is rooted in centuries … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Fountain Hills, AZ

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Photo credit Fountain Hills in Arizona is town of around 22,000-23,000 people bordering the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and Scottsdale, on the outskirts of Phoenix. It is best known for an impressive fountain found here, which was one the tallest in the world. But is it the right place or … Read more

Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona) from A to Z, Map, Photos, FAQ

Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon

One of the most spectacular places to visit in the world is the Grand Canyon located in Arizona. Grand Canyon National Park is over a million acres of rugged canyon country that was carved by the fast flowing Colorado River. Located in extreme northern Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park is one of the seven natural … Read more

Types of Hiking in Grand Canyon, Useful Things to Know

Waterfall view in Grand Canyon when hiking

Hiking the Grand Canyon is a wonderful way to experience Grand Canyon National Park up-close and personal. There are a lot of hiking trails that provide you with a nice selection of hikes depending on your experience and fitness. Hiking in the Grand Canyon is different from many other hiking areas. The terrain is steep, … Read more

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West Rim

Grand Canyon Skywalk West Rim

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a new but controversial addition to attractions at the Grand Canyon. To some people, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is an eyesore, to others, it provides a great visitor experience and a much needed source of income for the Hualapai Tribe. Opening in March of 2007, the Skywalk took 2.5 years … Read more

The Best Places to See Sunrise and Sunset in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Sunset, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is spectacular from any vantage point, and at any time of day. But as many visitors to this wonder of the world will attest, sunrise and sunset are the times when the views are at their most sublime. The key to success in photographing this majestic vista lie in finding the time … Read more

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument, Littlefield, AZ

Grand-Canyon Parashant National Monument at night

Grand Canyon – Parashant National Monument is situated on the northern edge of the Grand Canyon in north-western Arizona. This place is a world away from the crowds on more popular and touristed parts of the rim, and a destination where you can truly get away from it all. Many are aware of the truly … Read more