Main Travel Tips for a Southeast Asia Trip, When to Go?

Southeast Asia, Sea

Southeast Asia offers the traveller a unique chance to explore a huge variety of landscapes and cultures. From Bangkok’s 24-hour frenetic modern buzz to the beautiful limestone karst towers of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay and a million other incredible sights and experiences in between, it’s no wonder that the region has become a sought-after destination. … Read more

Top Ten Tips on How to Travel Light

A woman traveling with a small suitcase

Traveling light has been one of the best things I have learned in long term travel. Gone are the days wherein I have to pack so much junk that I seldom use or sometimes do not even use at all. I remember in my past short trips (years ago when I was still employed) wherein … Read more

What are The Best Gifts for Hikers? Some Good Stuff Ideas

A hiker in the mountains with his backpack

If you have a friend or relative who is a keen hiker, you may be wondering what you should buy them as a gift – perhaps a gift to give as a going away present for a hiking vacation, perhaps simply for a Birthday or other special occasion. Here are five simple, useful, ethical and … Read more

Why Is Fall a Better Time Than Winter for Senior Citizens to Travel?

Senior couple traveling in a countryside

Fall can often be a wonderful time of year to travel. In certain destinations, the leaf-color of woodlands and forests gives the season its own very special charm. Fall can also be a good time for food-lovers, with fruit harvests, mushrooms and more seasonal wonders to enjoy. Fall can be a wonderful time for anyone … Read more

5 City Breaks that Won’t Disappoint Anyone

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Think big and you won’t be disappointed with our 5 city breaks this holiday. If you’re the type of a tourist who prefers the faster pace of city life to endless days spent on the beach, a city break could be the ideal option. Some cities are incredible, especially during summer when the weather is … Read more

Travel Syndrome or Post Vacation Blues, What is It?

Travel syndrome or post vacation blues

Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation to get over your vacation? Coming home from a tour or a cruise can sometimes feel overwhelming. You can be left with a feeling of malaise, or even illness, that can make it challenging to get back to your everyday life. But when this happens, it … Read more