Traveling With Pets To The United States, Requirements

A dog high in the mountains

Bringing your pets to the US with you on your next trip isn’t much more complicated or time consuming than learning how to fly with your pets from the US to Europe. As with the former, you’ve got to start the process early – a month in advance is usually enough time to get all … Read more

Flying with a Cat Guide, How To Prepare Your Pet For Air Travel

Cat sitting in a suitcase

You’ll find less restrictions by the airlines when traveling with car as opposed to air travel with dogs. It’s a bit ironic since most people don’t consider traveling with their cats but it’s surprisingly easy and cats can do well on flights. Almost all cats can meet the weight requirements set by airlines and ride … Read more

How to Travel with a Dog or a Cat to Europe, Pet Friendly European Cities

Traveling with dogs to Rome

Western Europe is the most popular international destination for American travelers so it makes sense that it’s also the number one destination for pets traveling abroad as well. The European Union (EU) requirements for the import of pets are fairly straightforward with some slight variation between EU nations. We can help you prepare by giving … Read more

What is International Pet Travel and Transportation About?

Dog traveling in the mountains

Many travelers who have never brought their pets with them abroad don’t know the basics of international pet travel and can be intimidated out of pursuing it further. Traveling internationally with your dog or cat is often a much more straightforward affair than most people thing. There are 3 major important tasks you need to … Read more