History Of Space Travel to Other Planets

Rocket Launch to Space

Space was for centuries the great unknown to the human species. The twentieth century will go down in history for having witnessed the passage of the human being to the heavens in the figure of travelers who set course for the dark firmament. From Armstrong to the last Juno satellite to Jupiter, we tell you … Read more

Sub Orbital Space Travel – From Australia to the UK in 90 Minutes

Planet earth, night

Sub orbital space travel could revolutionize the travel industry within the next few years. Our planet could begin to feel a whole lot smaller, as Virgin Galactic, the spaceflight branch of Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, is set to offer sub-orbital flights that can whisk travelers from Australia to the UK in just 90 minutes. www.travelrows.com … Read more

Commercial Space Travel – Plans, Costs, Nearest Opportunities

Commercial Space Travel

Is it your dream to travel in space? Did you spend a lot of time building rocket ships and dreaming of intergalactic adventure as a child? Would you have loved to have been an astronaut? Do you still dream of some day venturing beyond the confines of our planet? Commercial space travel is not a … Read more

The Future of Space Travel and Exploration

Future of Space Travel

When NASA put a man on the moon in the 1960s, space travel was largely a nationally funded enterprise. But the future of space travel lies not in the hands of those running our nations, but largely in the hands of big business. This has big implications for the future of space exploration, both in … Read more

Interstellar Space Travel Possibilities in Future

Interstellar Space Travel

Is interstellar space travel possible? When and how? What are multi-generational space ships? Answers to these and other questions, future possibilities and useful, interesting links related to interstellar traveling.

Nasa Space Station Open to Tourists

Earth from space

Until this point, NASA has banned commercial uses of the International Space Station, prohibiting companies from taking part in for-profit research. However, in 2020, that is set to change. The National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) has stated it will be opening the International Space Station (ISS) for private tourism and business ventures, as it has … Read more