Is it weird to travel alone? It is weird, if you never tried it!

Traveling alone, road and sea trip

Is it weird to travel alone? My answer for all girls/guys/single/married/people with kids – It is weird, if you never tried it! Traveling alone, omg! This is such a pleasure! Finally alone, go/fly/drive anywhere/anytime/anyhow you want. One of the questions that bothers solo travelers – what other people will think about me? This can … Read more

Thailand For Solo Travelers – Things to Do and Useful Tips

Traveling in Thailand alone

Solo traveling is one of the most exciting and enriching things that we could do in our life. Imagine traveling to exotic places you always wanted to see, making new friends, doing exactly what you want to do all the time. No fights with your travel companion, no wasting time on the things you don’t … Read more

How To Sleep on a Bus if You Travel Alone?

Traveling by bus in Island

Night buses can be a sensible and affordable way to get around. But sleeping on a bus for the first time can be a daunting experience – especially if you are traveling alone. If you are traveling alone, it is always a good idea to do your research beforehand to make sure that the route … Read more

10 Most Common Traveling Alone Fears and the Best Solutions

A woman is on travel alone

Traveling alone. For someone, it is quite a usual thing because the person does not care how to travel. But there are people for whom traveling alone is simply unacceptable and only one thought about it causes unpleasant associations. This is largely due to the fact that people formed a strong association with the fact … Read more