Passenger Vessel Services Act / Jones Act / Cabotage Law Information

A cruise ship in the Caribbean

The Passenger Services Act is also referred to as the Jones Act. Basically, it is a law that prohibits ships not part of the U.S registry from embarking and debarking guests at two different ports in the United States. This sort of travel would make room for point-to-point transportation between two US ports, which is … Read more

Ocean Waves VS Sea Waves – Useful Information for Tourists

Beautiful magic waves

Everyone, who is interested in beach vacations is asking the same question. How big are the waves at…? Should I choose a sea or an ocean? What are the beaches without waves? Surfers are looking for the biggest waves and families with small kids for the smallest. In this article I would like to provide … Read more

Safe Car Hire and Driving Abroad Tips

Traveling by car, highway

When you travel it’s sometimes useful to be able to hire a car while you’re away. However when you do so, there are a number of things you should consider so that your car hire when you’re on holiday is as hassle free as possible. Read the terms and conditions The first important thing … Read more

Do I Need a Travel Insurance? Information for UK Citizens.

Insured woman is hiking in the mountains

When you travel abroad on holiday, you’ll need to make sure that you are adequately insured. You’ll need to make sure you have travel insurance, and possibly health insurance too depending on where you are travelling to. Exactly what you’ll need will of course depend on where you are travelling to, and how long you … Read more

The Dangers of Sailing in the Caribbean

Sailing in the Caribbean Sea

While yachts sailing in the Caribbean generally experience a safe and hassle-free adventure, it is important to realize that boardings, piracy and other serious events do sometimes happen. While it would be sad if visitors were put of sailing through this breathtakingly beautiful maritime region, it pays to be aware of the dangers of sailing … Read more

All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

Travel, umbrellas, protection

On this page – all the information you may need before purchasing a travel insurance plan. First, I will share common things to know and tips on how to choose the best travel insurance, and then I will talk about different types of it, depending on your travel needs. Important: Travelrows LLC does NOT sell … Read more