Peru – General Travel Information

Lake in Peru

Deserts, jungles, mountains and ancient temples are some of the places you can get lost in over in Peru. Peru sounds like a scene straight out of a fantasy adventure novel. It also has a wide scale of different climates and if you’re planning to visit its important to know the right time to go. … Read more

Machu Picchu Ruins, Peru – Description and Travel Information

The Machu Picchu ruins

The Machu Picchu ruins are located 7,000 feet above sea level on a small hilltop in Peru. Located between the Andean Mountain Range, the ruins form a majestic city above the Urabamba Valley, which lies below. The Incan constructed structure is called the “Lost Cities.” It was discovered in 1911 by Yale archaeologist Hiram Bingham. … Read more

What to Eat in Peru, Local Cuisine to Try when Traveling

Peruvian food

Peruvian cuisine is very varied. With at least eight different climates, the country grows a selection of fruits and vegetables all year long. This accounts for a wide variety of dishes that include fruits and vegetables. Further, rice, potatoes, meat, organs, and fish are very popular in this country. Spicy and heavy, Peruvian cuisine is … Read more

What to Drink when Traveling in Peru, Local Beverages to Try

Animals are drinking water in Peru

Just a cute pic: wild animals in Peru are enjoying water 🙂 Travelers to Peru would be happy to know that the country offers many choices when it comes to drinks. Peru has a wide selection of offers from beer, cocktails, and wine to cola-like drinks and coffee. If you are a tourist who loves … Read more