Top 50 Things to Do and to See in New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country located towards the southwestern part of Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses ‒ that of the North and South Islands ‒ and numerous smaller islands. New Zealand has a diversity of natural beauty and tourist attractions, such as mountain peaks that covered with clouds, lakes, rivers … Read more

Mitre Peak Climb in the Fjordland National Park, New Zealand

Mitre Peak is an iconic New Zealand landmark. It is an icon of the country’s tourism – the most prominent peak that can be seen from famous Milford Sound. The peak lies on the South Island, within the heart of the stunning Fjordland National Park. The Mitre Peak climb is on the bucket list of … Read more

Cascade Saddle Route in the Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand

Mount Aspiring National Park

Cascade saddle is an interesting alpine route for experienced hikers. It connects the West Matukituki Valley with the Dart valley across a high pass in the Mount Aspiring National Park. Before reading on, it is important to determine whether or not you have the experience for this route. It requires a high level of skill, … Read more

Barefoot in New Zealand – The Story, Culture, Interesting Facts

First time visitors to New Zealand are often astounded by the fact that Kiwis will often walk around with bare feet. In New Zealand, going barefoot, even outdoors and in stores, is far more common than it is in other parts of the world. While some see going barefoot as a sign of poverty, in … Read more