5 European Countries for a Glorious Golf Tour

Golf in European countries

If you love golf then it’s highly likely that you’ll have been on a golf holiday somewhere around the world. Mixing great golf with beautiful weather and stunning surroundings makes for a fantastic trip – below are 5 top spots in Europe to try if you haven’t sampled them already. www.travelrows.com Portugal It is hard … Read more

Golf Options at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Golfing in South Carolina

Nobody can discuss Myrtle Beach, South Carolina without talking about Pine Lakes Country Club. Pine Lakes Country Club is the oldest golf course in Myrtle Beach and is often called ‘The Granddaddy’. www.travelrows.com In the 1920’s a group of wealth businessmen decided to create a truly up-scale beach get-a-way for themselves and their families which … Read more

Golf Tours to Niagara Falls – The Best Courses, Clubs

Playing golf near Niagara Falls

Whatever your reasons may be for visiting the Niagara Falls area, if you are a golfer, you will definitely want to get some green time in. Niagara Falls is famous for several good reasons, but among avid golfers, it is famous for the top-notch golf courses. www.travelrows.com You may want to start your Niagara Falls … Read more

Golf in Jamaica – The Best Resorts and Locations

Golf in Jamaica

If you are a golfer, you absolutely must make it a point to golf in Jamaica. While golfing is just one of the many things that one can do in Jamaica, you just won’t believe the enjoyment and challenge that is presented by Jamaican golf courses until you have experienced them for yourself. www.travelrows.com Jamaica … Read more