Types of Beach Sand and Why Does The Color Change?

Perfectly white sand on a beach

Gold, white, black, colored … the color of a beach is determined by many factors. Among them, its geology, which is one of the protagonists in how the sand of a beach is formed. www. travelrows.com What types of beaches exist and why does their color change? While you are caressing the summer breeze you … Read more

Definition of Beach, Formation and How It Is Related to Waters

Beach on the Panama Island, the Caribbean

Perhaps one of the most used and enjoyed by the human being, the beach is considered a geographical accident that always takes place immediately after a mass of water, establishing itself as a limit to it. The beaches are unstable as they vary in size according to the constant movement of water, and this is … Read more

What Type of Landform is the Grand Canyon?

Grand Canyon landform

The Grand Canyon is a type of landform known as a canyon – a geographical or topological landscape feature that broadly consists of two steep cliffs with a valley running through the centre. For many people, the Grand Canyon is the canyon – the one against which all other canyons are measured. Canyons must be … Read more