Top 10 Chinese Foods You Should Try on Your Trip

Chinese cuisine

China is well known for its culture which revolves around food. Mealtimes are always an important part of the day for socializing as well as eating. There’s no wonder that the Chinese have many different foods available to eat, all with their own regional variations. Here are my favourite Chinese foods you should not … Read more

Traditional Ethiopian Food – Culture, Main Dishes and Ingredients

Coffee beans on Ethiopia map

Ethiopian food is one of the cuisines from around the world that allows western travelers to explore a broader and more varied diet. If you are unfamiliar with Ethiopian food then, whether you seek out an Ethiopian restaurant, or visit Ethiopia for yourself, it is well worthwhile giving the traditional food of this African country … Read more

Traditional Central American Food by Countries and Dishes

Quesadillas from Costa Rica

One of the joys of travel is sampling the different cuisines in different parts of the world. Central America is a wonderful place for a gastronomic vacation. Many of us are familiar with Mexican food – but how familiar are you with the foods of the countries that make up Central America, to the south-east? … Read more