Top 50 things to Do and to See in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic covers the eastern two-thirds of the Caribbean islands of Hispaniola, Both by area and population, The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation. It is home to a world of exciting attractions, world-class white sand beaches and a lot of fun things to do. Spanish is the official language, though English … Read more

Reasons to Visit Dominican Republic

Las Galeras beach

Music, Food, and beautiful hospitable people are just a few reasons why you should visit the island of Dominican Republic. Also known to it’s natives as Quisqueya la Bella, Dominican Republic has breathtaking landscapes and beaches. A place for everyone no matter what you’re into. One of the things that I found unique was their … Read more

Quick Overview on Dominican Republic Travel

Dominican Republic beach

Although you may not have heard much about it, the Dominican Republic is a lively place to go on your vacation. Be sure to visit its capital, Santo Domingo while you’re there – the lifestyle there is as busy as New York City, and just as eclectic! With Santo Domingo’s old world charm and mixture … Read more